Collin 4-Tables The Micros

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Collin takes to the Micro tables in this 4-tabling video from Pokerstars


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Comments (22)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy this week's video from our SNG boss Collin Moshman

    Any questions or comments for Collin please leave below
  • Takdiy


    Перевод будет?
  • Bartmannn


    1.50$ Buyin? Are you broke, Collin?! ;)
    As always very good content!
  • Chainik


    Первая же рука - классический дебильный розыгрыш сета от рыбы. Добро пожаловать на микролимиты, Коллин!
  • grayarea


    Another great video Collin! One general question: By now I'm definitely getting the message that table selection is important and that you span buy-ins and formats to find good tables. I would be very interested in more details of how you actually go about it though. What kinds of tools, notes, player colourings, etc do you use? Thanks.
  • Flashman1849


    Entertaining and instructive video from Collin as always, but shouldn't this be a Bronze-level video?
  • Flashman1849


    Entertaining and instructive video from Collin as always, but shouldn't this be a Bronze-level video?
  • Flashman1849


    (Sorry, didn't mean to transmit that twice...)
  • ghaleon


    6:20 AK upper right: Instead of going to 2/3 of pot in river you could go for smaller value like half pot or bit less. With plan of folding to check-raise.

    10:00 AA upper right: Personally I would go for bit bigger in flop like 150-180. Villain is quite likely to call some A high hands and if he happens to have big pocket chips will go in anyway usually. Bit bigger cbet just makes it easier to get chips in by 3 streets of betting.

    20:30 77 bottom left: Would you consider smaller 3bet? Shoving 32bb effective stack is somewhat awkward imo.

    26:15 A5o upper right: Even folding might not be bad considering that BB is extremely short, which should tighten short stack shove range quite a bit as he will practically always have to go to showdown.

    26:40 98s upper right: What you think of shoving?

    27:30 KJo bottom right: Ok looking iso shove. Villain has a "reg looking" stats which indicate he might be on wide enough shove range with 6bb stack.

    28:35 K6o bottom right: Would you take check-call with K of spade?

    30:30 Kxo outer table: I would prefer villain like 25/10. Problem with such passive looking villain is that they also limp lot of strong hands so our fold equity might not be good enough.

    32:10 33 uppr right: Ok shove. But I would not take hands like AQ+, 99+ out from his induce range.

    34:25 upper right: Usually I only play shove or fold there, but it's also reasonable spot to have minraise range imo (especially with bit deeper stack). Lot of regs understand that there is relatively high possibility of BB calling if they shove and if BB calls then BU can overcall with pretty wide range.

    35:35 KJo: Once again I wonder why you are not using non-allin in spot like this :)

    38:20 A2o upper right: I like fold with that stack dynamic. Suited would be shove.

    39:50 t9s upper left: Limp-stabbing would be ok also. Pretty nice hand for that versus passive looking fellow.

    Nice talk of table selection and such also :)
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video! :)
  • Konnikickass


    33:55 upper left. T9s Button clear shove for 12,5bb post ante.
  • GuilhermeMat


    Always great video collin! would like to make a suggestion for u to do a series like beating the 45 man only now with STT would be great!
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Bartmann: :D

    Glad you enjoyed the vid!

    #5 Grayarea: Thanks! As for table selection, the easiest way is just to mark regs a certain color and not play that table when you reach a certain number (which will depend on the buyin). There is also software like Sharkystrator to automate this process which you can definitely check out. Hope that info helps.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Flashmann1849: Thanks ... in terms of the level the video is released at, that's not my decision but I'm sorry if the right level wasn't chosen. Glad you enjoyed the video though :)

    #9 Ghaleon: I'm not seeing AK at 6:20 on one of the tables? Thanks for the questions/feedback, I'm travelling now but will do my best to reply in detail as soon as possible.

    #10 Laci24: You're welcome!
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 Konnikickass: Yes I agree that's a tight fold, thanks for pointing that spot out.

    #12 Guilhermemat: Thanks! And yes I have a $15 45man HH from a game I played which should be released soon, hope you enjoy it.
  • ghaleon


    AK was at 5:50 in river decision.
  • Zeezout


    I really like this video and hope to see more low stakes vids from you!

    Nice job!
  • mktpppr


    very good decision by to have Collin Moshman coach micro/low stakes, "believer" comment is brilliant
  • CollinMoshman


    #17 Zeezout: Thanks! Will definitely try to make some more content at low/micro :)

    #18 RobertAdams: Awesome, glad you enjoyed.
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Ghaleon:

    6:20 AK I agree that betting small is a good line assuming Villain isn't super-tricky, can get some thinner value and safely fold to c/r against a lot of guys.

    Agree on AA/A5o hands.

    I'm not seeing 77 at 20:30?

    26:40 98s: This or T9s is probably the bottom of the Nash shoving range, so I think it's close but shoving would be reasonable.

    28:35 K6o: Yes probably I'd c/c with backdoor NFD given that he minbets.

    30:30 KXo: I agree that 25/10 would be better, but I still think shoving there will be profitable given his limp and call ranges. Close though...

    38:20 AX is actually a Nash shove looking back at this hand. It's surprising sometimes when you're the shover how wide you can be even when the ICM tax is very high, I also would've shoved AXs but leaned toward folding low AXo ingame.

    Hope that covers most of the questions, thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the table selection talk.
  • PedroMiguelRP


    I am doing the table selection and I figure it out on me own! I don't know if a stick so much to it, because generally I try to avoid any MT on the SnG and wait for better table.

    Btw, great video!
  • iNspiRe


    Hello, Collin. Here is one question from Russian community:

    28:25 Bottom-right table, push with A9s: On what open-push range you would put player "gigio_es"? Is it wider than 30%?