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  • NickParkes


    Tx Chenny... nice video...
  • Tightisright


    nice Vid Chenny but why so aggressive in the early stage? I don't like the AQ-hand at the beginning.

    isn't it forbidden to use sharkscope when playing at PS?
  • chenny8888


    Hi Tightisright,

    This was from quite a while ago, so Pokerstars hadn't yet banned Sharkscope.

    The AQ hand: On a limit of generally quite loose/passive players (the non-multitablers) I really like a bet/fold line when a card like that comes. We make the same hand fold, and also get full information about our hand (as our opponents would not bluff-raise). If we check/fold top/top I think this is way too weak on this limit (because there's a ton of hands villain could have that call us on the flop and bet to weakness on the turn), and a check/call puts us in a tough river spot. So I chose bet/fold. We can maybe bet less though.
  • Pe4Ce2


    Maybea silly question, but in 45 minit of video, you shove with pocket tens and someone call you with AQs ... and you say, horible horible horible ..

    I dont understand the explanation, why is it so bad. So can i ask for it?
  • noclaninator


    After raise if you have AQs with big stack you want to avoid confrontation as much as posible to make it to the money. He chose to make a small raise when the correct play was to either push/fold. If he pushes the AQs pocket tens might even fold...

    Hope this answers your question.
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!