Big $11 MTT Win Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Collin takes us through a recent Big $11 win on Pokerstars focusing on the hands he played.


hand history review PokerStars Session Review

Comments (27)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy today's video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions or comments for Collin please leave them below
  • pedro76pt


    Nice 1 ... waiting for part 2.
  • thenatural


    Colin is the best!!
  • Finn4uw


    Nice Vid. Collin!

    Min 42: Don't you think you prevent Villain from a shove on the turn by raising him on the flop already? If you just call he could continue bluffing, if not you still can make a bet on the turn. Or does the drawy flop scare you?
  • CollinMoshman


    In the first hand with A6s, I accidentally say the realistic worst case is 67% equity, sorry I meant to say 33% :)

    #2 Pedro76pt: Thanks, should be coming soon.

    #3 Thenatural: Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Finn4uw: Flatting flop would definitely be reasonable, but I put him on a fairly tight range raising UTG+1 with a shortish stack and then cbetting this coordinated flop. It's also not such a bad outcome if he does fold given the pot is about 2/3 of the effective remaining stack and it's very drawy. But I do like flatting flop too, so that's a good point. Glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • Ricardo10222


    at the last hand with A7s, if he had bet the turn, would u check raise or check call, and if u check call, would u check raise river or donk river with the nuts
  • cupuycblack


    thanks! <3 in waiting of next part ! :)
  • Finn4uw


    @ 7: Theres not much sense in c/r the turn. You've got the best hand most of the time here, so c/c. If you raise only better hands are going to call you. River c/r obv.
  • Jirek


    25min with 99 i dont like the preflop call. I think in lower buy-ins tournaments, the players dont 4-bet too much. postflop we have with 99 a very big problem, because we have no idea if he had a bigger pocket. Moreover, when he call the 3-bet you can play in position, in this case you c-bet and he folds. When 4-bet you can fold and be sure that he is much stronger than nines.

    Nevertheless a very good commentary ;)
  • nurscheisskarten


    if you want to 3b/fold your 99 you pretty much turn it into a bluff. you dont need 99 for that play to execute rather use a blocker type of hand. a call is letting his worse hands in his range. of course we then have to play postflop but thats where we are better than most of the mtt grinders
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Ricardo10222: Turn would've definitely been a c/c, in which case I probably would've just donked river because too much of his range checks back on that card.

    #8 Cupuycblack: Yw! Glad you enjoyed, and I've already submitted Part 2 so it should be out soon :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Finn4uw: Totally agree on turn.

    I think going for river c/r if he'd double-barrelled would be reasonable, I do usually like that line against someone who's been firing when I catch the river, but here a lot of his range checks back so I'd often just bet out. Close spot though, what do others think?
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Jirek + #11 Nurscheisskarten:

    Interesting debate with good points on both sides. There are definitely plenty of good regs who I think would just about always 3bet there, whereas I tend to 3bet hands where I'm happy to either play for stacks or fold facing a 4bet (and here I wouldn't particularly want to do either of those).

    So I think a lot of it just comes down to your MTT style, both options are definitely reasonable.

    Thanks for the comments/feedback.
  • Dcmclout


    You are super -ultra -mega-lucky Fish!:D
  • jack4pokerRNMD


    The a7 and q9 hand, the last hand..

    If he bet the turn you call, and the river you check raise or lead?
  • fakeplayer


    good material as always!
  • CollinMoshman


    #15 Dcmclout: How else am I supposed to ship something? :D

    #16 Jack4pokerRNMD: Close spot. Check out comments 7, 9, 12 and 13.

    #17 Fakeplayer: Thanks!
  • Erikk17


    If it was me this video would end in 3rd minute... and he hit his ace so we are out :)
  • pleno1


    8.10, I quite like checking back here, think its a spot most people would hate but gotta sometimes live dangerously. Think betting any size on the flop is just going to look pretty strong.
  • Wohmfg


    AJ hand at 27mins, when you value bet the river, shouldn't you be betting smaller as his range is weak? The hand he turned over when he calls your half pot bet is one of the very few that he calls that bet with, he is folding Tx and quite a few Kx to that big bet.
  • msankadi


    Hi I am not able to view the just shows a blank black I doing something wrong? tried IE and Chrome no luck
  • TightPokerPL


    Actually on 27:47 if you knew that this player is lose-passive why didn't you raised the pot instead of half of it?
    I might think he would have easily called you as you were looking like "fish-bluff", because you have left just a small piece of your stack and he would even 3-bet to made you committed.
    What do you think about this option in that moment? :)
  • bashpepe89


    good vid as always. would have played most hands just the way you did, but really learned sth in the J9o hand at minute 16, thx.
  • Frozen78


    Well, in this tourney you runned like God...
  • dan167


    Last hand. IMO better to make a small bet on the river like 1/3 of the pot. The villain's line usually indicates either a weak showdown equity like a Q, 9, pocket pairs up to KK, rarely an ace or total air. After quite a big bet u made, most of the above metioned hands will hit the muck.
    After a small bet most of the weak showdown value hands will call, sometimes the total air hands will think up a fancy reraise. With the hand the willain actually had he was supposed to reraise trying to extract value from aces and the fold after your all-in would have been a tough one.
    Waiting to hear your thoughts and thanks for the video!
  • Atalol


    1st hand - Whats your shoving range here?

    4:12 - you say a resonable play is to shove 66 for over 40bb into 8bb pot and later in video you say you like to use you edge on recreational players. I mean even if hes lag would you still risk 40bb stack? What's your shoving range in this spot if so? Maybe I'm just too nit..

    As always great vid!