Playing Out Of Position With Initiative Hand Example

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Oblioo finishes his series on playing out of position with initiative with some hand examples he himself has played


Contibet hand history review postflop series thematic video Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy the latest video from our Diamond Coach oblioo

    If you have any questions or comments for dustin please leave them below
  • TeddyTheKiller


    good video - found it helpful
  • Xessi


    another good video dustin :)
  • Waffelhaendler


    Very good video, helped me a lot. Do u plan on continuing this as a series? I d really like to see some more of this format. For example like playing OOP without initiative, my basic approach there so far is to just c/r also the Cbet range which I have IP cos i dont like to donk. But im not really sure about that spot.
  • Waffelhaendler


    I mean the Cbet range i have when im OOP with initiative. :)
  • oblioo


    thanks everyone,

    #4/5: I was not planning on continuing this series, but I will consider it. I definitely plan on doing more HH review videos, so I'm glad you like the format. In regards to your "basic plan" when you're OOP without initiative, that really depends on the board, positions, etc., so you can't really make a generalization like that. Perhaps I'll consider making some videos on playing from the blinds; do you think that would be helpful?
  • Waffelhaendler


    Yea that would definitely be helpful.
  • tatartom


    good video:)
    video about playing from the blinds it is good idea, especially with mid SDV could be helpful
  • IronPumper


    min. 28 - a9s:

    what you do vs. a flopraise?
  • MrTiger


    Hi, oblioo.

    12:45 (QTs) What are you going to do if turn comes blank and the opponent fires the second barrel (after floating the flop)?

    14:00 (K9s) What another hands do you check/raise on such flop?
  • EverSteel


    hi oblioo,

    a couple questions:

    6:00, we steal A6o on 96T and check/call. Don't you think it's a bad idea to steal against a weak player?
    What do we do on the turn if the opponent continues on any card except 6, FD and an ace? do we give up? won't we have too high of a c/f turn, don't we put ourselves into a tough spot?

    22:00, AK
    How to we react to a river bet?
    Could you elaborate on your flop check/call range? (is it a part of mid TP? part of 2nd pairs? some bluffcatchers? would like to know the combos more specifically)
  • EverSteel


    Sorry, the second question is minute 22
  • double2


    Really great video and great format. I think you should go ahead and make a lot of these hand reviews videos with diverse topics like "3barreling IP" "call down OOP from the blinds" (and I think you should filter in a way that we also see hands where you COULD but didn't).

    Minute 14, K9s hand, what is your cbetting range? Value AQ, KK+, QTs; bluff KJ, AJ, AK, some backdoors?
  • tfsantos


    Hi oblioo,
    great video.

    On the last hand, the KQo. When I'm bluffing like that on the turn with the possibility of a river shove, I prefer a bigger size in order to make the villain believe that I want all the money in (without having to use a overbet). In that hand, for example, I would bet 100 dollars on the turn to pot shove the river. I believe this gives me more FE on both streets. Do you think this makes sense or a overbet will always have more FE on the river?
  • oblioo


    sorry it's taken me so long to get back to y'all, but here we go:

    #9, I don't have A9s... not sure if you're talking about the A7 or 98 hand?

    #10, QTs: either c/c or c/r, depending on the card and villain's sizing. But he's not going to be repping many strong hands after he cold-calls pre from CO and board is 332x.

    K9s: 33, TT, and other hands with bdsdbdfds but not the SDV ones that I may c/c with (AJs).

    #11: I think A6 is fine to steal SB vs weak BB. Another option would be limping but we shouldn't fold. And no, considering I will also have Tx, 9x, and even some overpairs in my c/c range on this flop, it's not a problem at all to c/f A6 on the turn.

    #13: Thanks for the feedback! For now my next couple vids will be focused on redline (non-showdown) winnings. You ask a good question and I think you can have more than one "good" plan. Personally I don't think it's necessary to cbet this board too much because it connects well with BTN's range, so we should usually check and let BTN do the betting (and then we can decide to c/c, c/f, or c/r). If you DO want to have a cbetting range, then what you wrote makes some sense, but I prefer to just check.

    #14: Yes, what you wrote makes sense, though on the flipside, it's easier to cap villain's range by the river when we bet a little smaller on the turn (since he's likely to raise with nuts when we're not setting up a river shove). So it kind of goes both ways; not sure which is better. In general I do agree with you though, though I also think that an overbet on the river has more fold equity than a 3/4 pot shove, because a lot of people will read that as we "accidentally" bet too small on the turn and now want to get stacks in with the nuts. make sense?