Schnitzelfisch on Visual Planning: Tasks

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Schnitzelfisch continues his Visual Planning Series with a look at Tasks


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from our productivity coach, Schnitzelfisch

    If you have any questions ro comment please leave them below and remember to turne in to Schnitzelfisch and Erik Stenqvist's Mental Game Seminar on 23/07/2013
  • Baluuu111


    Hi, thanks, this system really cool, but I don't really like your new spreadshet to make the task into categorys, you could use 1 sheet in this spreadsheet, and write in 4-5 columns what you have to do, cause everything will be in one place. :)
  • trzasku


    These video is really amazing, I like it very much! Thank you Schnitzelfisch :)

    From today I'm starting to use the concept presented here.