Why do you bet?

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In this video you will learn about the three types of bet and which conditions have to be met for each type.


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  • GrimTheCat


    nice vid :)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Great vid, can you make a similar one for "why do you RAISE?" as well please? so great to have some back to basics videos as they are foundation to the rest of your (more advanced) plays. Would also be funny to make a video called "why do you FOLD?":D
  • 2Good2Fold


    That is really clear and simple. Great job !
  • Laci24


    Really nice vid! :)

  • Th334


    I've discovered PokerStrategy.com almost five years ago, and I must tell you that these videos are a huge improvement over already solid videos. I wish I could watch them when I was starting out. They perfectly explain very important concepts in an extremely simple and entertaining way. I almost think a child could become a winning micro limits player by watching them!
  • Nrekopt


    Great video. Very simple but understandable.
  • signifikum


    Very good and useful video:)
  • LiuBen


    Great video!
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    @5 I was just thinking the same thing, these videos are truly gems but unfortunately, when I was getting into poker these so clearly explained videos weren't there. Other videos yes, but not as good as these ones. Also the ones about the funnel principle I remember my mind was blown and I put that one together with the constructing ranges video and it has really improved my poker, even though the time in between letting my old playing style go and really using ranges and such in a good way, was a difficult time because my old style I felt really at home with and booked decent results with, but I knew if I truly wanted to get better I had to make the step to thinking in ranges and adjusting them with every street. Thank you PS!
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    The only thing that was slightly inconsistent was that you say collecting dead money is also to make worse hands fold but that still have equity against you. However, in the last example the suited connectors do not have any equity against you, so in that sense they are not folding any equity there. Overall it is a +EV valuebet of course, but you could have emphasized if there are a lot of these hands in villain's range, you could actually let them catch up and maybe hit a 2nd pair on the turn, against which you then have a valuebet.
  • rednit


    Informative and neat, just like the other basic videos. Well done.
  • Khaher586


  • Extrapokert


    Really nice and also simple to understand, even for foreign players.
  • tuananh1601