Beating the $15 18-Man SNG

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Collin reviews a $15 18-man SNG he recently played on Pokerstars


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Olekia


    Simply great videos, not just this one but all your videos. I have really improved my Sit'n go and MTT game with your videos.

    One question though, is it possible that we can get to see you play a 3x rebuy on Stars, like the 60K GTD 1 dollar rebuy? Would be super exciting to see what you opinion is on those kind of MTT's.
  • dgk1982


    Collin, thanks a lot for the videos! You do really Great Job!!!

    It will be very interesting to see your play in the tournament, which was mentioned in comment #2.

    One small question, please: is it possible to join to your team "Team Moshman"? do you have some criterias? maybe some exams? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  • vyczn15


    #2 first part: are you reading my mind? I join the club of Collin's admirers: books, videos, and when you think you get everything new videos come up with fresh ideas, is this even possible? Thank you very much for your work, definitely made me better player!
  • kimchee688


    hi,when you short stake , LIKE 7.8BB with ante. nash range or sngwizad suggest range,which one is better ,how to remerber RANGGE CLEAR AND EASY
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • IFlopRoyals


    Nice video Collin.
    On you last question/hand. I think a fold would be better on that spot. Your risk/reward it´s to high, you push 4k to win 900. I would wait for the short to get eliminated.
  • xmiammiamx


    @15:00 you open 66 UTG with the plan of raise/folding.
    Given that you will rarely get called + you have no implied odds for your set when that happens, wouldn't it be better to raise/fold hands with some blockers here? While being careful not opening too many hands obv.
    It's like we are playing 66 because it's a pair and therefore "it's a strong hand", but if we raise-fold in fact it doesn't matter.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Olekia: Thanks! If I have a deep run in a 3x turbo rebuy I'll definitely use it for video content. If you have one you FT, feel free to get in touch and I may be able to use it :)

    #3 Dgk1982: Thanks, really appreciate that. You're welcome to PM me for more info on joining TM.

    #4 SDK1987: Thanks for checking that spot, agree it's close for sure.

    #5 Vycn15: Thanks! I really appreciate the nice feedback.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Kimchee688: I prefer using Nash as a base point and adjusting, but SNGWiz is a great tool for exploitive ranges. For the best way to remember ranges, I would read up on the idea of pivot points, which my friend Greg Jones talks about in his ebook Crushing Online SNGs.

    #7 Laci24: You're welcome!

    #8 IFlopRoyals: Good point on the risk/reward, thanks for commenting :)

    #9 Xmiammiamx: That's an excellent (and somewhat subtle) point. It really doesn't make sense to open a hand we're r/f'ing vs everyone at the table, that has no blockers, unless we're opening pretty much ATC. Nice comment!
  • ghaleon


    Last hand: I would be tight in this spot and fold K3s. I might only shove like 20% or so. Reason is in bad risk:reward.

    If we win side pot how much does it help for future HU? I think our likelihood to win HU wont change much at all. So as I see we take high risk for small reward.
  • xmiammiamx


    Thanks Collin, I feel honored! :-)

    I tried to put that hand into the Nash calculator, but our raise range was super tight cause the program made opponents shoving wide... I tweaked ranges by hand; the transition is surprisingly sharp. Hero's range goes from 5% to ATC (but with most hands being actually close to breakeven) by just removing a few hands from opponents range.

    On the "transition point" I managed to find the beautiful following 75.5% range: 77+ Tx+ 94s+ 95o+ 85s+ 85o+ 75s+ 75o+. lol.

    Blockers FTW!
  • CollinMoshman


    #13 Xmiammiamx: Right definitely, in high ICM tax situations Nash will have people 3bet shove superwide over opens. Ranges like 77+ TX are pretty funny to see even though they make sense with the right assumptions (including no flatting). I wonder in practice how many regs openfold 66 and r/f T2o? :)
  • autheking


    Just realized while reading the comments that I read the Colin comments in Colin Moshman voice!
  • jimira


    Great video!
    When talking about constructing ranges I have a question regarding this.

    If one is a sligtly loosing player or have "too low" ROI in 18man (or any other game) what would you do/study to correct one's ranges ?
  • vlzvl


    thanx, very thorough :)