$60 9-Man Critical Analysis

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  • $55 - $75
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Collin takes us into a 9-man $60 review focusing on countering tougher regs and the situations that can come up


fullring hand history review Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from our SNG Boss Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions or comments for Collin please leave them below
  • s0cru3l


    new lifetime goal:
    play like collin :D

    nice vid :)

    + why do you think calling 86s HU 14bb deep is better than shoving pre?
  • erkyl


    Hello, thx for this vidéo !

    @5:00 , how would you play KK there with / without diamond?

    @33:00 very interesting river spot ! I'm gonna steal this one for exercices if you don't mind ;)

    @39:38 I personnaly prefer name this kind of "overbet" push Sklansky chubukov push rather than Nash to avoid misunderstanding from the students
  • erkyl


    Bug with the timestamps... the first spot is ok, the 2nd one is at 33'00" ( 33:00 ) an the 3rd one at 39'30" ( 39:30 )
  • 0Arpi0


    Hey Collin Newb Guy here! Awesome, well explained video as always.

    I have a couple of ideas which imo could add to the educational value of the vid so I thought Id share it with you and the viewers.

    Regarding the KTs hand ( 31:14 ) on the flop you assume that my calling range is wide while in reality its not really that wide. I think most regs myself and you included will set up a percieved range for the opponents limp in that spot (Id set up something like medium one facecarders low broadways and medium suited connectors, one gappers, maybe some low Ax) and compare the flop to the established range. In this case in my opinion the 89Kr flop pretty much hammers your range so I will not be calling any bet on the flop without some sort of showdown value. Considering that imo the best approach for the rest of the hand is to go ahead and bet 3 streets versus me. I would have happily paid another turn bet pretty much regardless of size with any pair and since my range lacks of floats probably that line fits best. By the way in the hand I happened to have J8s (wrote it here just to show off my insane river hero folding skills)

    Also a small note regarding the last hand of the video (ATo - 39:40 ). I am pretty confident that by flatcalling versus a very good regular like yourself I will not be able to produce a higher expectation with low offsuit Ax type hands than 100bbs/100 hands on average. Simply I will not flop enough and strong enough hands to continue versus multi-street aggression. Since in general I estimate the profitability of the jam in situations like these over 100bbs/100 hands I much rather like to take that route.

    You had a clear and completely realistic idea of how I played and everything what you said regarding me was pretty much spot on. (Actually I feel like I have to develop some new strategies versus players like you since I feel like I am completely face up haha)

    Seriously awesome vid! I hope sometimes I will make as descriptive, as well thought and as detailed videos as you do.
  • datawave


    Wow, that comment even makes the video more worth to watch, thanks!
  • 0Arpi0


    Im glad it helped! Cheers.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 HanziCzeck: Thanks! And what's the time in the video your question is on? Let me know and I'm happy to take a look.

    #3 Erkyl: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the vid :) To answer your Qs...

    5:00 I would cbet/get it in with KdKc. With black KK I'd bet/eval but not be willing to stack off.

    33:00 Steal away!

    39:30 It would still be accurate to label it a Nash shove right?

    #6 Datawave: Agreed, great comment! Will reply to it in next post.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 0Arpi0: Thanks for the super-nice comments, that really means a lot to me coming from one of the absolute top regs in the game. And very glad you enjoyed the video!

    31:14. Makes a lot of sense, for sure I overestimated how wide you were calling flop, and if your range isn't float-heavy then there's not much point in checking turn! Did you really have to foil my awesome plan on the river though with your superior hand-reading skills? :D

    Last Hand ATo: The A4o shove is definitely good, and I agree in a vacuum that shoving is the best line. I do like flatting though some percent of the time here with AX (unless we don't have a flatting range), so that way we don't have to c/f so many AXX flops because we're not repping anything. But then again maybe I play too many tables to notice you're doing that anyway :)
  • 0Arpi0


    Haha river hero folds are in my blood sorry. Regarding the last hand well now I will have to flat some Ax hands vs you for sure haha.
  • MoscowSpirit


    Great video! It's always nice to see 9-max by you, especially on those limits! Thank you!
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 0Arpi0: Sweet, I look forward to getting pwned next time I call you down with Q-high on AXXXX board :)

    #11 MoscowSpirit: Thanks, appreciate that!
  • Beatlemanic


    Great video; as writen, it's always good to see more FR SnG analysis, especially against tought regs at higher limits.
  • Tim64


    Yeah, this is top quality - many thanks. Especially liked all the holdermresources analysis. It makes me feel like I'm being left behind with Wizard :)
  • ghaleon


    31:14 KTs: Just have to be careful of not overusing limp-shove style. If BB villain is expecting to face shove relatively often he will have strong raising range and mostly planning to call a shove.
  • CollinMoshman


    #13 Beatlemanic: Awesome, glad you enjoyed it.

    #14 Tim64: Thanks! SNGWiz is a really good program too, I'd just make sure to pull up the Nash ranges when you're not sure on a particular way to exploit.

    #15 Ghaleon: Nice point, have to some limp/fold range too.
  • Anto11


    Great video!!!!! Just love it!
  • MarioAK


    19:30 tight fold imho. Anyway good job!
  • CollinMoshman


    #17 Parodiq: Awesome, thanks Parodiq!

    #18 MarioAK: Thanks. Would you have minraised or openshoved the J9o?
  • MarioAK


    Shove:) J9o, J6s.
  • Arnibond


    Hi Collin. Thank you very much from Alaverda for this video.

    I really like it and enjoyed though i made a couple mistakes in that tournament.
    Everything was absolutely correct and clear and on a higher way of analyzing than i do. Thanks for opening my eyes on some things that i didn't know
  • CollinMoshman


    #21 Arnibond: Just seeing this, thanks Alaverda! Although I am not sure how happy I am that a top reg gets even better :D
  • pLAYERsjsk


    Hello, nice video. i learn something new from it. thanks :)

    Couple hands that i believe were played incorrectly:
    5:34 T3o t30 vs limper when he check the flop you should bet turn to capitalize dead money

    7:37 ATo Bvb vs 3x open from tight player i am calling pre.

    9:45 K5s you should definitly sqeueze in this situation.

    20:41 AA bvb you should limp. shove is very bad.

    25:17 75s bvb definitly limp. fold is pretty bad.

    26:08 AKs. shove is very bad. optimal play is to raise 900.

    28:38 93o utg as buble CL you should minraise bottom of your atc range and premium cards. so this is standart open.

    29:06 push Q7o

    32:01 KTs you should minraise, since you are never limping, so your limping range here is very transparent. At 20bb deep newbguy wont 3bet shove often since he is in position. He will often optin for non allin 3bet, so with this hand you should minraise / 4bet shove. And ofc. bet turn to get value from pps. check is bad.

    39:25 T9s is a call.
  • Vovino16


    good video:) what do you think about playersvk comment? (ok i know he is hater:D:D) but ideas isnt bad...WWO16
  • sn0wman88


    awesome vid and comments of course, guys! i play the 5€ games and do not get a chance to reach those leveling and thinking processes from the majority of the regs i play against every day. :)
  • ErViolista


    I like this video, ty Collin :)