Collin Moshman: Live 4-Tabling Low Stakes 9-Mans

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7 - $16
  • Fullring
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Collin takes to the live 9-mans on Pokerstars and shares his thought process while playing live


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy the latest Live Video from our SNG Boss Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • 177272


    First, surely not, that's a first :)
  • AlexxEND


    Hi, Collin, thanx for video, i have a question: Why did you use non allin allin with hands like Q8o with 4BB,whatever you will play on stack, but don't we have more fold equity when pushing? We want to have more fold equity in such spots, isn't it? (excuse me for my bad english)
  • kbwinsagain


    I ALWAYS look forward to your vids, Collin. Again, you have provided another clear, concise and practical analysis of sng play (I hope that bit of run-good was satisfactory recompense). What was not clear, though, was the video quality - I often struggled to pick up stack sizes and pretty much gave up on the hud stats. Only a minor complaint, though. TY!
  • Brade88


    @AlexxEND. I think min raising Q8o looks stronger with min raise than shove from the btn. If hero shoves here I think BB calls wide. If we min bet with non all-in all-in he 3B shoves tighter in this spot than if we just open shove. Also if BB is multi-tabling he may miss we are such short stack. That's m opinion. See what Collin says!
  • mktpppr


    @4 yeah first time in a very long that I had to download a video in 720HD, try that, its ofc crystal clear
  • mktpppr


    oops "very long time"
  • mktpppr


    hi Collin,
    01:50 bottom left, TT open 3x in HJ, you say we flat vs blinds' 3-bet:
    1. why do we flat? why not a standard fold vs blinds' 3-bet? we'll have position but its a big pot without initiative
    2. does blinds' 3-bet sizing matter? if its 180 do we still flat?
    3. what range do we flat vs 3-bet from blinds?
    4. I assume we put the blinds on a wider 3-bet range because its a HJ open? what is blinds' 3-bet range?

    I contrast this with 00:52 top left, TT iso in HJ, then we fold to BU 3-bet

    thx for a reply, thx for coaching and videos, nuts as always
  • mktpppr


    time stamp bug, TT iso/fold is 00'52
  • budder


    hey collin,
    39:30 upper right, what range u give ur opponent? I would fold this hand cause of poor fold equity.
  • kbwinsagain


    @#6 TYVM, ofc looking for a vid quality setting should've been the 1st thing I tried
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 177272: First ftw!

    #3 AlexxEnd: As Brade88 says, we may have a little more fold equity through regs not processing a minraise as equivalent to a short-stacked allin, or through recreational players flatting and then c/f'ing flop. But for sure it's not a significant difference between the two :)

    #4 Kbwinsagain: I'm glad RobertAdam's suggestion helped you out, and thanks for the nice words!
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Brade88: Definitely agree with that, thanks for the post!

    #8 RobertAdams: Yes we definitely wouldn't flat regardless of sizing, but I'm a lot more inclined to call a 3bet IP than OOP. So if I open in late position and one of the blinds 3bets 3x or less, I would usually flat. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the video.

    #10 Budder: I agree we don't have much fold equity, but J9s is a Nash call up to 13bb, so even if we treat his 3x like a shove, it should still be a profitable "call" unless he's very tight.
  • mladensa


    Collin, thanx for video