100NL Zoom Live Session Coaching with Pleno1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Pleno1 takes to the 100NL Zoom tables in a recent coaching. A great chance to catch up if you missed it or ask questions which didn't come up at the time


coaching Live Video

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  • slipkn6t


    just 3bet your kings bro
  • Julien


    Nice video, Nice coaching, TY
  • Boomer2k10


    HI Everyone

    Please enjoy this recap of an NL100 Zoom Coaching session from pleno1

    If you have any questions/comments for Patrick please leave them below
  • fitzinator18


    39:45 with QJ, if he had checked river what would be your betsize? jam?

    47:00 "nobody likes to play more than I do"
    ...JB though? ^_^
  • pleno1


    1/ heh when do you mean?

    4a/ im not trying to get sets to fold, so just tx and Ax that c raised or maybe like 55 or something stupid. So I think vs that range its best to bet like 35 or something as he just wont fold the nut hands that he c raised for value and I rep a wider value range like this, like Kx floats otf etc

    4b/ heh ldo

    2/ my man
  • ains21


    nice session pleno cheers, always great content
  • Sneijder1091


    funny to watch! keep on playing NL100+ and uploading the podcast! :)
  • DonkeyDirk


    I loved the light 3bet from the dogs :p
  • kacsa1st


    very useful and enjoyable vid!!!
  • Mrmorph


    Great video as usual, thanks for sharing
  • loseqian


    how come your winrate is -4.5BB/100 hands over 80K hands??
  • mineriva


    at 1:42 he says: "the higher stakes you go the more min raising there is on the button and the lower stakes you go the more min raising there is on the button"

    I dont understand
  • fitzinator18


    #12 he meant the lower stakes you go the more 3xing there is on the button
  • pleno1


    6,7,8,9,10 thanks!

    11, it's not? It's +4.68bbs so maybe you looked at the graph upside down?! :D

    12,'yes sorry! People min raise the button more the higher stakes you go and the lower stakes are still 3xn generally.
  • Nejc351


    nice 5* as always, very usefull for zoom players and usefull if u missed fist half an hour of caching!
  • marymod


    hi, min.31,00 when you fold KK NH :))
  • mataremata


  • Fiskantes


    Hi, around 13:40 you have 99 and top set on 964r, you are raising his cbet which seems pretty sub-optimal to calling to me. You are only expecting to get action from lower sets and OPs, which would he barrel anyway and also he would he barrel anyway. If you just call there he can keep bluffing with some OCs or he can hit something OTT and pay you off. Also from theory perspective this is great spot to protect your calling range which will be full of pocket pairs having problems to defend multiple streets.
  • pleno1


    Holla, Im on a train without internet so can't go back and look over it sorry, I assume there was a reason or I just got excited, but most likely a reason.
  • fitzinator18


    you said something like "i'll raise and hope he doesnt believe me" I actually thought similar to Fiskantes in this spot
  • pleno1


    i have a v high post flop aggression so i think personally raising with the super top of my range here is important sometimes, for others who are more passive i think calling is ok, but would raise at least some combos of value hands. also people really rarely believe you and the modern day tendancie seems to be to 3bet fold flops
  • ixdon


    Tell me please, if you fold KK vs turn x/r on Q522, will you call only set+? (against unknown opp, obv)
  • ixdon


    Oops, sorry. It was 31:40, 2nd table
  • Rumpalipoika


    More videos like this!
  • toateslafel


    Great video!!
  • dan0s


    love to play zoom, turns out i love to watch people play zoom too :) liked the vid so make some more!

    how is your SNE game plan working out so far?
  • Nuno78


    What the stats do you use in holdem manager and values in this video?