Beating the $30 Heads Up SNG

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $30
  • Heads-up
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Collin reviews a reg's play at the $30 HU SNG tables focusing on good aggressive play


headsup HH Review User Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • Falco35


    min 12:52

    Ive made a rangebreakdown now. Dont know the Cbet stats of Villain, but if hes Cbetting a solid Range he doesnt have that much missed BD hearts he can bluff. Cause most of the hands we wanna get a Bet vs our check Cbet the Flop. People do not Vbet light as played so he also check behind all of his SDV Hands (also lots of K highs).
    I dont found any reasonable heart he can bluff River with. Imo Hero was just lucky that Villain b/f here. Most of the time I see a check behind, and miss small Value cause Hero didnt Vbet small.
  • Falco35


    As said, I dont know Villain Cbet % and Range, but generally I guess he would Cbet lots of the hands we wanna get Value by checking River.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2/#3 Falco35: Thanks for your comments. What do you think his range is going into the river the way this hand has played out?
  • Falco35


    Hi colin,

    I dont know his Cbetting % cause theres no HUD. But I think a lot of FD at the Turn which could bluff the river, would normally Cbet the Flop. Random Air with weak BDFDs like 8h-Th I guess would Cbet the flop. And Khx is possible he could check behind Flop cause of weak SDV, but I dont think he will often bluff K highs.

    But hey, I am also not sure.
  • CollinMoshman


    I agree that a lot of it comes down to his cbet % / tendencies, and also how likely he is to call us light if we bet out river. Probably most of his range checks back if we check to him, and folds if we bet out, but you could definitely be right that just betting out is the higher EV.

    Thanks for the bringing focus to this interesting spot.
  • Aleksf7


    сделайте перевод)
  • VLAD1M1R


    #7 будем надеяться, что перевод все таки сделают. Видео Мошмана считаю одними из лучших по ХА СНГ. Будет печально, если забьют на русское комьюнити...
  • Arcanis23


    26:05 What do you think of an overbet bluff in this spot? Villain doesnt have Jx or a flush often, but mostly weak madehands, that have a tough time facing an overbet.
  • BibiAhigh


    How much is one hour of coaching with U, Collin? Huge fan, btw!