Uri Peleg Live at NL200

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Uri Peleg returns to the live tables, this time 3-tabling 200NL on PokerStars and taking us through his thought process


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest live video from Uri Peleg

    If you have any questions/comments for Uri please leave them below
  • xENilol


    5:50 Dont you think you can bet the Turn with A-high for very thin value and prot. I expect him to call all his overcards to a 4-2$ Turnbett. Id keep on betting the river for thin value, maybe something like 2$?
  • mko101


    Uri, your girl cheating on you at 28:15
  • sirrybob


    Xenliol: turn is close because he can still have strong hands in his range and check them back such as 7x 8x etc. by river I think those hands are more discounted. The bet is also thin bcz he has probably 22-66 but it mig be ok I'm unsure.
    Mko101: lol :)
  • Lucker9200


    28:30 , Are backdoor outs a reason to bet F/bet T for you or x F/c T/?R and why?
    - like how would you have played Ks7s, As8s, Ad5o , AdTo ,7d7x there?
  • sirrybob


    Lucker9200: here they are a reason to check flop. The hand can't value bet but is strong enough to call on all turn cards. Ace five king seven I would bet both since they seem too weak to call turn and have less showdown value, but good outs to barrel. Sevens and ace eight are both strong enough to checkback. Try to think for each hand what is the. Best three street plan for it. Ace five with ace of Diamonds for example is a nice hand to bet flop, barrel diamond or ace, checkback bricks, and call on river bricks. King seven same except generally folding on river bricks. Each hand you can find the way that makes the most sense to play, and if you do I think your ranges will end up being not too unbalanced
  • ljutigusar


    Great video Uri! Uri Peleg, my second favorite pokerstrategy videomaker after undercover82...
  • Zeltzn1


    16:25 table 2 w QJo - you decided not to cbet,because you wanted to rep 98. Why you didnt just cbet? Or what made you to think that check-back > cbet?