Uri Peleg Live at NL400

  • NL BSS
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  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Uri Peleg takes to the NL400 tables on PokerStars starting on some fairly bad tables and going into how he will play against the regulars


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest live video from our diamond coach sirrybob

    If you have any questions or comments for Uri please leave them below
  • popescu18


    Hi Uri,

    min26:00 with KJo, U should call 2-3 barrels or none with so many draws, never only flop, IMO.
    Maybe against fish can be ok, but I don't like if we don't have reads.

    min33:00 with KK why U make a 4bet so little OOP? Do U not make bluffs here? U don't give the option to your opponent for a 5betpush. I don't like your play in this 4betpot hand.

    I like your comments about the hands ranges in the video.
  • sirrybob


    Hi popescu18,

    KJo - I wanted to call once because when a fish click3bets and then pots it is quite often something like AA/KK, and i thought i had the correct implied odds to improve (I did not think my hand was good). This might be wrong though as cards that improve me for the most part make a 4straight, so maybe folding is better.

    KK - you're right my 4bet size is too small. I think I should have checkcalled river rather than betting small in retrospect. I also think my turn sizing is a bit too small (but not a big deal).

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • yegon


    6:00 - you are 1/2 pot stabbing A5 on A53mono. How would you play your marginal hands like A6s or 88/99 (with or without FD) here? Do you also stab small with those?
  • yegon


    16:20 - you call a 3b with 22, is it because of villains sizing or is there something that you see in his stats that makes you do it? I usally fold there.
  • yegon


    the last hand (66) you are saying that it is and easy call on the turn when the flush gets there and you only fold because of villains sizing. Could you elaborate on the turn call? The hand you looked at of him playing KT he was checking down air and only bet when he hit the river. Why do you expect him to be betting the turn so wide that 66 would be a call?
  • sirrybob


    Hi Yegon.
    6:00 Any hand I bet my sizing would be 33%-50% pot in this spot. I might check something like A6s or 88-99 with a flushdraw though.
    16:20 Yes, it's the sizing. Folding to this sizing would be a big mistake imo, and I do fold 22 usually vs 3bets.
    66 hand: I am reviewing in retrospect - I think reason to call would be just that he is very aggro and wide preflop, but without remembering what exactly I knew about this guy - seems like turn would be a fold on this card regardless. I must've thought he was very aggro/spewy to make me want to call that hand on the turn, with no info it's an easy fold.
  • ljutigusar


    Uri Peleg, the beast from Israel!
  • double2


    I would like to see a hand review ty video, on the replayer. You pre-choose some interesting and didactic hands and go through them. Just an idea :)

    Very nice video BTW.
  • elpsycho


    Hi Uri!

    I have a question about the hand on table 1 at 2:40, where we check/calling on 433 board with Ax hand. What is our plan for further streets, and what is our defending range against a cbet? Wouldn't a call against a competent player make our life harder, or do you think our range is protected with hands like 33-99, maybe TT, and we can be balanced by floating Ax(as a sort of protection against overcards, so we can continue on them when they hit). But you also say that you would float with Jx, and there will be plenty J in your range. Wouldn't it be an overkill? I would be very interested in a more detailed range analysis of this situation: a low board, wide ranges, etc. Maybe you could also talk about it in some of your future videos, it would be a very cool topic imo. Thanks!
  • elpsycho


    18:20 Q6s on table 3. What would you do if our opponent raised the turn? Would it be an easy fold?
  • elpsycho


    10:40 Table 3 with 67s. What is the point of a check/raise? It is unlikely we will make him fold 99-TT or any other better hand for that matter unless maybe with ch/r bet push line. So worse hands are playing bet/fold and if we both go all-in our 67s will be behind or have a coinflip. Wouldn't a check/call be a better option? It would be great if you could elaborate a little more on that hand.
  • MrTiger


    Hi, Uri.

    18:50 KJo BBvsSB on Q2s5 flop. You said, it's pretty easy call. But, given his open from SB (27%) and Cbet on flop (40%), I'm very unsure about this. Versus this range {AA-22,AKo-A9o,KQo-KTo,QJo-QTo,JTo,AKs-A2s,KQs-K5s,QJs-Q8s,JTs-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s-97s,87s-86s,76s,65s,54s} (27%) you have 36%. But if he Cbets TP+, 50%*(pairs lower than TP), AT+, FD, OESD, gutshots and backdoors (66% Cbet here) you have only 26%. And you will not even be able to realize it all, if your plan is just trying to check to showdown later. What do you think?