Schnitzelfisch on Visual Planning: How to Plan Your Day Like A Boss

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Schnitzelfisch continues his Visual Planning series concentrating now on how to plan your day


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please Enjoy Schnitzelfisch's latest video in his Visual Planning Series

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Nevrex


    Good video!
  • aikira


    great video.

    like the clear action steps a lot.
  • SilverSurfer129


    Trying to plan my day for three years now, never really worked :D

    So - my exercise for tomorrow:

    1. Learn for exam 3 hours concentrated
    2. Go to the gym
    3. Clean my apartment

    Things could keep me off from:

    1. Facebook/Whatsapp/Handy
    2. Music/Youtubevideos
    3. Take a nap

    So i will do:
    1/2. Take off the WLAN/Handy. Only take WLAN on if i have to look sth up
    3. Drink a coffee (dont know if that makes sense but i like it ;) )

    good luck you guys!
  • Schnitzelfisch



    If you need to study for an exam, you could also go to a library / coffee shop, leave your phone and laptop at home and study in peace. Of course this might not be applicable at all times, but you can surely use it as a step in the right direction :).

    I would also consider splitting up the 3h of studying into smaller parts, as 3h seems like a lot (with breaks, that's easily 4h or even 5h total) - take that into consideration.
  • seranpoker


    Going to start with the most basic of tasks, where I've always had trouble following, which I believe if fixed can do wonders for me.

    1) Sleep before/ at 0130.
    2) Wake up at 9/ update blog / post hands.
    3) Spend half an hour on the house cleaning.

    Things that could prevent me from doing this.

    1) starting my sessions late. Come back home late from work.
    2) I hit the bed only at 4am. Can really wake up at 9.
    3) No time left!

    What I will do:

    1) be more productive at work so I cn come home on time.
    2) Plan my time and squeeze a session that ends before 130.
    3) Wake up at 9 so I have time for some chores.
  • Schnitzelfisch



    It's good that you wrote things down, but you want to be super specific with your steps.

    "Being more productive at work" isn't very specific. What will you change about your behaviour to be more productive? Just "trying harder" won't work.

    Also, sleeping/waking up is a thing that might take some time to fix, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work the first time (again, what can you do to make sure that you wake up earlier/go to sleep earlier...?)
  • Zeltzn1


    Hey! I am attending a high school, so I changed the tasks for myself to "What am I going to do when I get home from school?" I love the idea of printing the 3 things I have to do in a day and having it close to me, so I can always have it in front of me. I love that feel, when you succeed in all things you wanted to do in a certain day.

    3 things I have to do when I come home from school:
    - play at least 3 sessions paused (at least 45 minutes,no more than 60 minutes. The tiniest pause between sessions is 5 minutes)
    - create at least 1 range in equilab/other programme
    - post your thoughts to HJ forum. The more the better

    3 things I have to avoid when I come home from school:
    - nap /not a big problem, but lets say twice a week I get pretty lazy and dont feel like playing and i play like one, max 2 short sessions/
    - do any "funny" things like watching sc2 replays or family guy episodes. You can only do that as a pause between session or when you done all 3 things(!)
    - quit music when you play session (I should put a question mark here, because when I get to the zone I dont want the music to interrupt it)
  • Schnitzelfisch



    Something to think about:

    Is it a good thing to watch sc2 replays / family guy during a break? Will it recover you well? Is there a chance that you will just keep watching instead of going back and playing?

    Think about that, then develop solutions to the possible problems :).
  • Zeltzn1


    Good point.
    Throughout the pause I usually go downstairs for a glass of water and I open the windows to get the fresh air in, rarely I stay in front of PC and watch those things like sc2 or Family Guy.
    I would say there is like 25-50% chance, that I keep watching sc2 replays, but it has to be really good game (but it is not excuse,for me..).
    I get the point now.
    Thanks for reply Schnitzelfisch!
  • Jozinho6


    i like!!
  • InezMuchez



    It's a great video! I liked it!

    My plans for the day:
    - cleaning my room
    - studying for two courses

    What may distract me:
    - using my laptop
    - idleing away

    What can i do about it:
    - turn off my laptop whenever i dont need it
    - focusing on my goals
    - taking short, active breaks (by active, i mean standing up, moving a little, doing some exercises)
  • s0cru3l


    Hi, great vid :)

    My plan:
    1) review marked hands
    2) exercise
    3) start session at 18:00

    Possible distracions:
    1) youtube, skype
    2) PS3 (GTA V is pure nuts :D)
    3) music and just thinking about different things

    What can I do:
    1) review my goals
    3) put PS3 to my brothers room for a while
    2) stop talking/thinking and take an action
  • Tripypo4ek


    Ok lets try it one more time.

    Things to do:
    1) prepare breakfast
    2) morning exercise
    3) shower

    I choose very easy tasks because i have realy big problems with things like planing. The most difficult to me is to start doing something. I can plan a lot of things and then just do anything except things that i planed.

    Possible distracions:
    1) Browsing internet
    2) Reading
    3) skype etc.

    How to make to make things done without being distracted:
    1) The most important thing "Do not turn my computer on until i do all tasks"
    2) Do not touch any book or ipod until i do all tasks
    3) Clean the kitchen in the evening so I don't have to do it in the morning
  • Ossieyeris


  • UnknownF


    How long does it take to make a real habit of planning? I used to write down every evening the things which I need to make tommorow nearly for a month, but I just stopped it in a moment, when I realized, that all my days is the same and the life is boring despite I plan the next day or not. Does that stuff has anything to do with procrastination or I've got another problem? Thanks.
  • Rubasace


    Things to do:
    1)Get my university title from the post office
    2)Post 3 hands and evaluate 1
    3)Study at least 1h with pokerstrategy videos/articles

    Possible distractions:
    1)Waking up late
    2)Wasting time in youtube/Facebook/Twiter
    3)Chating with friends via Whatsapp/Skype

    How to avoid them:
    1)Try to go to bed at 3am max.
    2)Turn off internet until lunch
  • ototot13


    Things to do:
    1)Morning exercise on 6:00
    2)Learning from poker strategy video and atircle.
    3)Play very focus minuum 1 hours/day. not play when not focus!.Start session on 20:00 everday.
    4)Planning on 23:00
    Poosible distractions:
    1)Thinking many topic when learn.
    2)Facebook,news on brower, mail
    3) Music on cc talk, chat on skype, steam,face,zalo.
    4) Go to bed late.
    How to avoid them:
    1)Turn off skype, steam,zalo, cc talk .Only turn on when i have a break and need use to communicate.
    2)Not open browser when study or play poker.User "stay focus" per one hour.
    3)Only focus main topic when learn.learn other thing ater 100% progest topic done.
    4)Note actively and read comment when study and view video
    5) Turning off music when play
    6)Have a break one per hour
  • ototot13


    7) go to bed on 23:30