The Red Line

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Oblioo is back with a new mini-series focusing on "The Red Line" by taking down pots without a showdown


postflop red line series

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjo oblioo's latest video

    If you have any questions/comments for dustin please leave them below
  • Stedyeddy


    I like the fox : )
  • Stedyeddy


    exelent work
  • eszibit


    Hey,quick question :

    JTs hand min 15:36 ,specifically the turn . Do you continue betting on any turn,because you donked and want to represent a strong range or you continue to bet on turn that gives us equity . A Q J T 9, diamond ? . Also ,if you bet on an A ,do you shove some rivers ,and check fold others? What would that look like?

    Also,for other hands,what is your check-raise flop look like? I'm wondering,because i don't seem to get enough credit even thought mine is pretty low ,around 10%

  • oblioo


    #2&3: thanks :)

    #4: No, I will only continue barreling the turn if it improves our equity, such as the cards you mentioned. If the turn is an ace and villain calls again, I would give up on most rivers, since villain can still have AA, KK and AK, and she/he might have folded weaker Kx hands to the turn bet.

    And, my check/raise flop stat is 17. If people are folding a lot then c/r bluff more; if you are "not getting any credit" then c/r top pair for value and/or barrel more with air.
  • Aceofgod


    very nice work! i'm surprised you still find these fold to cbet 60%+ guys on nl400
  • oblioo


    thanks, and yeah they're not common but there are a couple.
  • Sattelite1


    Pocket77 hand at the end:do you fold after turn raise against villains shove assuming villain folds even overpairs and what line you would choose on river when villains calls off turn raise?
  • instaflip


    nice hands. very good job dustin, definitely interested in further parts.

    #2 @ 77 hand and river plan when called
  • oblioo


    #8&#9: Yes I fold to a turn raise (he may shove AA, A4). If villain calls the turn bet, vs. most players I would just give up on most rivers, but vs. this player it's interesting--he is only folding 20% to turn raises, and he's folding 74% to river bets, both of which are extreme. So in this case I may just shove some rivers, expecting him to fold some overpairs that he got stubborn with on the turn, although in this particular spot it's prob still a check/decide on most rivers.
  • PanDuzePE


    Good video, but in my opinion u should go little deeper with your analysis, best way to do this is telling about what would you do on turn/river if other card comes different from this hand... So what I do below its asking a couple questions, maybe easy for most ppl, but I missed that.


    Did u had to plan stop betting on any runouts ? For ex. what u do on 4,6 or A turn / river ? Because all other cards I think is clear second barrel, but others?


    You are "one and done" in this spot vs fish or plan to barrel any blank ? What u do on another diamond card? Turn little tricky because $240 pot and only $266 fish stack after call. vs reg is clear bet/bet/bet i think?


    He calls on dry board, so he`s range looks like more Kx heavy, did u plan to barrel some blank cards or only when improve to fd / gs ?
  • oblioo


    #11: Thanks for the feedback. I will try to incorporate that more, though if I tried to talk about what I'd do on every turn and river run-out in every hand then one hand could take a whole video.

    3:52--Probably giving up on 4, 5, 6, 7, and betting all other cards.

    8:20--I will give up on diamonds and in fact probably only continue on a 9 or 8 turn.

    16:05--I answered this question in a previous comment; I am only barreling cards that improve my equity somewhat. Otherwise I'll have way too much air in my barreling range.
  • EverSteel


    hey Dustin,

    if the opponent called your raise with sevens on the turn (the hand close to the end of the video), how would you play the river? Would you push to make sure overcards fold? Or would you check/fold expecting a check from Ax and not being sure you can fold out overcards?
  • oblioo


    #13 and everyone, please read the comments before posting a question. There have been two questions now that have already been answered in a previous comment. Of course, if you have additional related questions or would like to discuss something further, that is welcome :)
  • Qurion


    Hey Dustin, excellent video, thanks.
    20.56 after minbetting 4way flop, I think we can value bet KTs on such a turn instead of overbetting, what do you think?
  • EverSteel


    oh sorry for that, I just skimmed through the timestamps, didnt pay attention otherwise.
    Though an additional question to 15:36 if you might: why do you consider a donk +EV when there's a fish behind you folding like 20% to cbets, why do you think he folds to our donkbet but not to our opponents cbet? Or is it that occasional bluffs (and continuing action on cards giving additional equtity) are enough against him?
  • oblioo


    #15, a) it would be quite thin, b) players still have some Qx and JJ in their ranges, and c) getting value from multiple players is going to mean that their calling ranges are collectively going to have a lot of equity against us, so that I'd rather just bluff now and take the pot down. For example, one player could call with AJ and one player could call with 9d9x, so now any diamond, 9, J, or A beats us, plus the fact that someone could call Qx, JJ, or AT which already beats us. make sense?

    #16, That's alright :). The fish limp-called pre, so I think that even if he does call flop we can be barreling on a lot of run-outs because his range for calling the flop is gonna be largely middle PPs. Also, I think a donk bet multiway looks stronger than a cbet so I expect him to fold more in general.
  • Qurion


    make sense?
    It does yeap. Still I'd probably go for a value bet, cause there are 2 fishes in the pot, but definitely makes sense.
    By the way those tables look really good:)
  • EverSteel


    Dustin, could you look at some other feedback from our community:

    10:20 997

    Why does nobody care that the author represents too narrow ranges when, let's say, check/raises 997

    14:10 dry Кхх
    Same question, doesnt our range look too narrow?
    I get uneasy when donking here is suggested, against a competent player, since he can easily call, call, and bet to a river check, not mentioning that he wont fold Kx.

    31:00 А4о
    Absolutely crazy raise, the opponent will never fold a better hand. We beat all bluffs, we rep thin with our raise, it's better to call with a lot of our value hands.

    33:00 77

    It's no use raising anything on the turn, we represent almost nothing, we never get an overpair to fold, it looks too naive.
  • oblioo


    #19: sure:

    10:20: I'm not sure what you mean by "too narrow" a range. We can obviously have some strong hands here (98s, T9s, J9s, Q9s, K9s, A9s, 77, maybe 96s), so if we're going to construct a raising range we need some bluffs along with those value hands.

    14:10: same answer, saying our range "looks too narrow" doesn't make sense, unless obviously you're taking these lines with a ton of random 0-equity bluffs, which is not what I'm advocating.

    31:00: your thinking about reasons for raising is too shallow. The reasons I raise here are for protection, and also to build a pot to bluff at later (or occasionally improve to 2pair+). If you don't want to raise that's fine.

    33:00: Not sure what the question is. I explained in the video why I raised.

    It's perhaps worth noting that a lot of these plays are exploitative plays, which means that inherently yes they are exploitable, but the fact is that midstakes players play far from perfectly so I see no reason to not try to exploit them when reasonable.
  • babel92


    amazing stuff, thx!
  • NeiWu1984


    thanks for the video, may you show how you structure of stat on the table?
  • oblioo


    #21: thanks!

    #22: do you mean what are my HUD stats? Please see the comments in Part 2; I answer there.
  • w34z3l


    awwwwwwww, the fox is so cute!
  • Kuschelbaer