MTT $9 Rebuy Session Review Part I

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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series Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • bah22


    which poker tracket are u using since Elephant doesn't work for MTTs?
  • ethanrox


    i thought using the luckbox is not the same as showing thoughtful play :)
  • TribunCaesar


    it's holdem manager. And @ethanrox: you need it both. One is worthless without the other. ;)
  • ethanrox


    yepp. I liked the 67off push btw ;)
  • MiddleMan


    Great video! Thx TribunCaesar! Waiting for more :)
  • zubrils2


    You have to press ctrl+shift to get back ability to write numbers by yourself. Kept me annoyed for a while too untill I acidently found out how to get it to work.
  • Bojan1983


    is it possible to have this "avg vpip" or "plrs/flop" displayed with pt3?
  • Instinctively


    I liked it! waiting for more ;)
  • Shuffler


  • guiguistar


    Great. This teached me a lot.
  • FetTerBender


    Do some MTT coachings, plz :-))
  • Cardbender


    yay!! I'm a silver again i have been wanting to see these for a while
  • Jogarj


    Just saw the video! Great job man. Hope we could see more tournament videos.
    Thanks a lot.
  • mungavin


    why bother over annalysing everything in a game that has luck involved?
  • RacoonCity


    Good knowledge of MTT play. Folding in the big blind to a miniraise with some pretty pot odds was too tight but that shove with 76o from middle position was way too risky, I would agree if u have done it from the Bottom or at least the CO!
  • AceGaylord


    Shove with 67o
  • antonin87


    good video but i have to say you had been lucky as hell in few moments..but if you want to win MTT luck has to on your side..
    will definitly watch the second part
    its a shame there is nearly no MTT vids
  • Harnas31


    thx for analysis.