Pleno1 Live at 100NL Zoom

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Pleno1 returns to the 100NL Zoom tables for a live session whilst explaining his thought process


live session Zoom

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest live video from our NL Boss pleno1

    If you have any questions/comments for Patrick please leave them below
  • dreamer14


    hey man great video,i have a few questions about spots i really dont like.

    5:53 co fold A4ss?misclick i guess..

    10.15 56ss on 642s, didnt u consider leading vs 2?

    19:55 calling bb 4b oop QJdd, what is ur plan on blanks?if u hit tp or 2nd pair? dont u think its hand where u are dominated or u flop nothing and worse hands can 2-3 barr u?

    24:42 88 bvb facing HUGE cr T43ss, what u wanna do on turn blank and on overcards? are you doing to fold almost any turn if he bets or call 3 on blanks? or do u call to see if he really bets turn again ?

    28:55 KJo sqz vs mp 200 deep, what do you expect he folds 200 deep? (also djrossi is like 15/9 nit if i remember)

    31:40 QQ on 8234ss,i dont like small sizing,cuz why ?i wouldnt mind bombing it, fish never folds 8x, guttors,overs,Fds... dont you miss value there?
  • Mrmorph


    Great fan of your Vids Pleno but platinum is still out of my reach :)
  • pleno1


    Hey guys, if youre playing nl100 reguarly it should be pretty easy to hit platinum right? If not let me know and I can speak to the bosses but Im sure they came to the conclusion that playing 100nl reguarly would mean you could hit platinum easily. I know there is a lot of nl50 guys diamond for example
  • pleno1


    4, nice comments.

    5.53 Yeah when I watched it back I realised that I misclick folded there, probably assumed its a4o. Definitely an open, from MP would be debatable, folding is fine.

    19.55 leading is ok but i wouldt say that i "really dont like it" i dont have a defined leading strategy and thus dont consider it in a lot of spots.

    24.42 yeh i hate folding vs guys who take dumb lines. generally i see often there either a hand that shuts down completely on the turn or an overpair, often they will check the turn though with just overcards or even a hand like 55-66, folding def fine

    28.55, 17-11 expect him either to not want to play a 3bet pot deep vs me, or to fold a lot down the streets. i think people play poorly in 3bet pots 200bb deep so will squeeze a lot vs them, i expect caller to fold his pair or suited broadway most of the time. also when the guy obviously flops a set or flush he raises and lets me know so vs him very few reverse mplieds i guess.

    31.40, i bet 8ish into 12ish? i think he folds Ax a lot vs 10 but never vs 7-8. think wanting to bet big is fundamentally good though.

    nice comments and agree on most and taking all of the lines would have been fine too
  • jules97


    nice video again, liked the x/r x/c lines

  • pleno1


    regarding qj, no lots of his bluffs we dominate and people do dumb shit all the time, in the hand he has 32 so kinda vindicates this. our hand just flops real good and plays v well and i want to have a 3bet call range and qj fits nicely in there.
  • jules97


    i think plat at nl100 zoom would be about 20k hands/month fwiw... sooo
  • pleno1


    thanks jules
  • ciaciak1


    Nice cap mate ;-)
  • PabloPoker89


    nicee, ty
  • poker4me


    if you taking a lot of x/r x/c lines, it's obv one of the reason, because villain isn't able to fold in this spots.
  • instaflip


    @20:15 table 3 QJs: if we don´t hit river, what sizing would you choose with your range here?

    @25:40 table 1 A6s BUvsCO: you kinda snapfold. seems like 3betting and calling are both better as 2 weakish looking guys are behind. even by default it isn´t a fold, is it?

    @56:15 table 2 JJ: why not call his SQ? as we are lil deep i think we are almost ever crushed vs his shipping-range as he should just call 88-TT multiway and deep with regs. additionally you have a clearly postflop edge what makes calling also more sexy. sure, he did it few times, but still i think this was clearly -EV play. don´t you think?

    very nice video(s) sir! always love to watch, except quick-folding K3 on the button like a nit :D
    what about some zoom500 after your nl50-one next time? to make the crush-zoom-series complete.... :)
  • pleno1


    hey, thanks 10-13

    14, what do you mean?
  • pleno1



    20.15 a small size as i want a weak range to fold and want to represent a wide value range rather than just kx

    A6s, if you listen to me I say fold a6s, the devil hand. Ha, its kinda well known its my least favourite hand and generally always fold it! 3betting seems better than calling though. Think folding is fine too tho.

    Sorry for quick folding k3 heh. Sure will be nice to do all stakes.
  • pleno1


    Sorry pressed send too quick! Thanks for the nice comments.

    If you watched the whole video, this dude has squeezed like 100% in every spot so I just went for value and if i call, the other guy calls and I basically never win without flopping a set.
  • instaflip


    thanks man for fast response. looking forward to next releases :) cheers
  • ciachooooo


    1) it's hard for me to imagine overcalling sb and bb so much can be profitable

    2) 19:24 3betting QJs vs unk reg bu open? looks like super std flat pre to me, if you 3bet QJs how does your flatting range look like? only crap?
  • ciachooooo


    also, what is your flop cb %? seems like you're loose cbetor

    and maybe you're so much better than me, that all my doubts about situations where you play differently than me means just that I play them wrong :)

    anyway nice vid, don't stop doing them!
  • ciachooooo


    ok, last post:

    34:57 K9s on sb overcalling 4bb izo, what?! can that be profitable?
  • RandomGenerator


    4:51, 4th table. Why don't you consider folding AQ here?

    I mean, we cannot strictly define the range of the guy. Why are you so sure that we have enough equity to call?
  • pleno1



    1- were usually getting a v good price, for example to me one of the very best regs overcalled q4dd vs co open and bb flat. I ended up doing a 30 minute coaching with him and it was clear that we should call very wide. I wouldnt suggest calling q4s without being very good technically post flop, but q8s etc are mandatory calls. Remember if we fold we always lose what we put in (obv i know you know this)

    2- Yeah the way I construct my ranges I decide to call AQ and have a heavy c-r gameplan and need some broadways in my 3betting range, I think flat pre is perfectly fine and standard too, although 3betting is ok too. Depending on your game plan and how much youre defending I dont mind either. At 100nlm calling pre flop is 100% the best.

    21- I actually check back a lot, I went from cbetting 72% to at one stage 45% and over the last 200,000 hands I have been between 55-75% cbet, I think in Zoom games its better to cbet more than in normal games.

    I can give you my stats

    Hands - 178,922
    VPIP - 24.7
    PFR - 17.88
    3BET - 8.22
    CBET - 68
    BB100 - 9.7
  • pleno1


    I like to call those multiway iso pots especially against anybody aggresive as they will be raising 96s, k6s, 97o etc etc and my hand plays well and in zoom its not too common you get to play a pot with a fish, I should be able to read both relatively well post.
  • pleno1


    23 - We have tptk against a fish who can definitely be getting it in with worse, I think folding would be pretty bad here.
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Pleno! Here are few questions from Russian community:

    06:49 AK top-left table. Don't you consider playing check-call with AK and AQ hands in this spot, with some 9x hands or something like that to balance the range? Or you simply have no check-calling range and always cbet?

    10:33 Top-left table. Would you fold on an overcard turn (T,Q,K,A)? What range would you still call on those cards?

    11:09 Bottom-left table, 56s. What do you thing about betting with the idea of presenting set or flush (flush is much less likely of course :D), with which you are trying to get some value from JJ QQ Tx, to make him fold those hands and maybe some 77 88 99, А6s? Or will it be too thin?

    12:13 Bottom-right table, A7o. In case opponent calls, would bet on any river cards besides flush ones? I think our hand is in unexploitable 3barrel range. Or is it all about opponent's river stats?

    13:38 Bottom-right table, 88. If we believe that on turn he has mostly Ax hands, shouldn't we bet on flop for protection and to make hand a bit easier to play? Or we're afraid of villain's check/call-check-bet line, thinking his range is stronger?

    Thank you :)
  • pleno1


    Hello Russia

    AK He is a fish so I dont care about balance so much. I bet flop for protection and maybe he calls overcards like kjs, kqs, ats etc and i can get value later, but ott board too bard and we do badly vs his range, even with his floats included.
  • pleno1


    10.33 i dont see a hand on top left table which you mean, sorry.
  • pleno1


    65s, i dont have a leading range on these rivers, if deeper then raising vs his barrel may be fine, although he has a lot of fds in his range, he should barrel them all
  • pleno1


    A7o, its alot about opponents range yeh. I think he isnt folding Tx on any brick rivers and also has a bunch of j9, qj, kind of hands, maybe even like k9 with Kc so alot of rivers hit his range. probably c call on certain blank rivers may be best vs these double dloats
  • pleno1


    88, hm i just think call is best, theres not thatttt many bad rivers and he wont bet less than top pair twice for value so we can bluffcatch wide
  • iNspiRe


    10:33 Top-left table. Would you fold on an overcard turn (T,Q,K,A)? What range would you still call on those cards?

    Im sorry, it's top-right actually. Missed that