Leakfinder: Micro 45-Man Madness

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  • $3
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Collin reviews the play of a regular player at the $3 45-man SNGs with a focus on cEV decisions.


HH Review Leakfinder MTSNG User Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    PLease enjoy the latest video from our tournament boss Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • jimira


    It seems like we can always raise more hands from late positions than we are able to profitable shove.

    BUT: are there any hands that you actually would rather shove than raise? (blinds and position up to you)
  • jimira


    In SB vs BB, with how many (few) big blinds would you still raise/fold instead of push/fold ?
  • doncamilloskate


  • CollinMoshman


    #2/#3 Jimira: Those are good questions, but they depend on a lot of factors. For exampe in the first one, I would usually rather shove than raise at most final table spots (unless the remaining players were tight passive). For the second question, if it's say pre-ante and not at the FT, I would tend to r/f r/c instead of openshove if the effective stack is anything higher than 12bb.

    #4 Doncamilloskate: Thanks.
  • Kornone


    So say that we are in chip mode and decide to only raise call/fold, and not open shove at all-
    Are you using Nash ranges to set as a standard to decide whether to call or fold a re-shove, and then deviate if you are up against a tighter or looser player?
  • Kornone


    I would like to try to play more of a raise fold/call game in the 180s. But it's so hard to know if, and how much different player types deviate from Nash when they reshove.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6/#7 Kornone: Yes, I'm usually starting with the Nash ranges and then going from there, against some players that will be a very different range (often calling it off much tighter since many 3bet shove much tighter). In terms of specific deviations from Nash ranges, a good assumption to make is that regs will shove closer to Nash 3bet shove range (although often still a bit tighter), and recreational players will shove quite a bit tighter.
  • BubbleNedRum


    hey collin, nice video like always, but i think we should push the J4s in minute 29:53.
    nashwise it's slightly +EV, but if I adjust their ranges to what I think they are calling we almost got a ATC push with a shoving range of 85.5%
  • BubbleNedRum


    same with the T2o in 22:14, nash wise it's slightly -EV, but if I tighten him just a bit up we have a ATC push again, T2o is +0.12 + future game EV
  • karotopoker


    Hey Colin,

    At what point do you abandon chipEV mode and switch to ICM. There is software now that can model ICM for 45 mans from the very beginning of the tourney.

    What do you think?
  • panpankracy


    Thanks for the video, i know it was a request, thank you so much for this Collin!
  • volkogrich


    отличное видео!!!
  • Midastouchhh


    thank you collin
  • mortaundead


    i dont get clear the fact about raise or shove the KQ in 13:30 sec in fact, i review the video 3 times and dont get clear, idk if this spots are too much complex or i dont get it

    thanks collin
  • vlzvl


    thank you, very nice