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Collin Moshman takes to the micro-stakes SNG tables for a 12-tabling live session


Live Video multi-tabling PokerStars sng

Comments (17)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy our latest video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • kliklaklawitter


    I like it very much,good stuff Collin!
  • Zolotarsp


    Nice vid, Collin, as always!

    Noticed you've been pretty tight preflop, especially with 7-15 bbs stack at 25/50 through 100/200 pre-ante. Does this strategy still work at today's 9-man games? :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Kliklaklawitter: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

    #4 Zolotarsp: No problem, thanks :) Could you give an example of the kind of tight play you mean? I'm definitely not an advocate of applying a 2007 strategy to today's games!
  • matt232


    Hi Collin, big fan of your videos, can't wait till the next one!

    Just one question at 28:05 with the A4. Would you 3bet fold with those stacks if he shoves over the top? Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Matt232: Yes at 28:05 I'm definitely folding to a 4bet shove.

    Thanks for the nice words, really glad you like the vids!
  • alxpoker91



    at minute 37:14 bottom left the A2o push.I know that in KO we have to be looser but considering that you cover only the SB and BB is a very big stack with a bit loose stats don't you think A2s+ and A7o is better?
  • alxpoker91


    btw nice video! looking forward for our coaching after I win the blog marathon :D
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 Alxpoker91: It's -0.11 in Nash, without taking into account the bounty. So given the effective overlay when SB calls I think this shove should be at least breakeven, but I agree it's close.

    Thanks for the question and glad you enjoyed the vid ... gl with blog marathon!
  • Dany871


    Hi Colin!

    At 23:52 bottom right sb push with about 10BB with T6o is not too light ? The guy sitting on the bblind is nitty, however the std nash range says T8o and also we have a low stack. Thanks!
  • Dany871


    oh and another question at 35:25, top right heads up. Q8s is not too light raise call against him? He has to 3bet shove with about a range of 42% (22 + Ax K2s+ K7o+ Q5s+ Q9o+ J7s+ J9o T7s+ T9o 96s+ 86s+ 75s+ 65s 54s). He has 16BBs, is he going to resteal with 42%+ ? Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 Dany871: Hi!

    At 23:52, I agree this shove is slightly too wide, we don't have quite enough info to exploitively widen relative to Nash.

    At 35:25, Q8s is a Nash call vs 3bet shove, and I don't want to exploitively tighten vs a player who's 59/20.

    Thanks for your questions/comments!
  • buccaneers


    You should not tick the pre-select-buttons. Once another table with AA pops up and you accidentially fold, you´ll regret it.
  • Kaldas90


    Hi Collin!
    Thanks for another great movie. I have one situation when I would definitely do another decision.

    At 21:21 You have AKs on the top right. I checked that situation in Nash, and I made some assumptions.

    First is that if there is no CO miniraise and BU shoves, then Nash gives him range of about 60%. On that range You can call TT+ and AKs is very close fold at about -0.08.

    Second: With assumption that there is a CO miniraise, BU's range is definitely not wider than 30% which I think is way too loose. When Co opens and BU 3bets 30% You have profitable call with QQ+ only but still AKs is -0.11.

    As You said it is a very close spot, but when we add SB in that hand, when we assume that BU's 3bet range is tighter and we will count here edge you have over other guys in the tournament I think that we should fold AKs here. The only thing that would convince me to shove here would be the fact, that when we win we can pwn the bubble really strongly.

    I'm curious what do you think about that. And one more time thanks, another great video :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #14 Buccaneers: Good point, thanks.

    #15 Kaldas90: Very strong analysis.

    Depending on the hand rankings you use, as you decrease button's 3bet shove %, AKs can actually start doing better. The reason (at least with the default HER hand rankings) is that we eliminate many semibluff hands that have better equity vs our AKs than do dominated aces. E.g. vs default HER 25% for button 3bet shove our AKs is +0.20. Of course he may be shoving still tighter than this, and with a range less weighted toward low aces (particularly offsuit).

    Probably with his actual shove range in this hand, and SB's call also, you are right and folding is better. At least fairly close though!

    Thanks very much for the thorough analysis you give and nice words on the video.
  • Olekia


    How many buy-ins shoould your bankroll have for this kind of sit'ngo? Also, how much money did you win/lose in this session?

    Also, you are by far the best coach here giving your quality and quantity. :)
  • Wettmeister


    Hi, why is Q,10 on HJ a raise with one limper before?

    thank you :-)