Maximize Your Productivity: Building Momentum

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Schnitzelfisch brings us a brand new series focusing on Maximizing Your Productivity. Today he starts with Building Momentum


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  • LemOn36


    "read during morning bath woth kandlelights"

    -what i I have a penis?
  • LemOn36


    Oh, pushups work well.
    Anyway good concept, thing that I am missing is actual research and not just your thoughts - like does my neurotransmitter activity increase when I do stuff or why do I feel better? pushups - blood circulation or why is that good in the morning same with water.

    Even without specific content I like the video series already, it's just 15 minutes and if nothing else it helps with....momentum :D

    P.S. I recently found a time tracking freeware where you can preset tasks, then measure them add new ones as needed and then you can run reports/pie chart of what yhou spend time on
  • schnukki007


    whats the name of the braintraining-game?
  • schnukki007


    PS: i tried taking a walk/jogging in the morning and it realy taked away the momentum for me
  • LemOn36


    schnukki try
    wake up=>100x airpunches infront of a mirror immediately after waking up, telling urself how awesome you are
    => drink 500ml of water in one go =>
    Have breakfast immediately
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Hope you enjoy the first video in the latest series from Schnitizelfisch

    If you have any further questions/comments for Primoz please leave them below and look out for further releases
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #2 there's plenty of research done on endorphins out there that is easy to find, but that's beyond the scope of this video.

    #3 lumosity

    #4 that's OK, different things work for different people - it's crucial that you find something that works for you.
  • LemOn36


    you can just use one sentence in the video like when you run something happens to endorphins which does what? I dunno you are the pro all I heard its something feel good or something :)
    Same with completing a small action (does something actually happen in brain when I finish stuff or something?) so it seems like a less random set of things but rather meaningful stuff that doesn't take time in the vid but we can look into it in more depth if we want - you know like in the videos where coaches tell you why they take a line and whats the math behind it not just why they took it. Do that and this series has some great potential, the delivery seemed very good including the document after the series is done that could be used to for linke for articles etc. on the subject too.
  • MrMaverick11


    it works perfect!

    im alot more powerful and focused for the hole day

  • Nevrex


    what's your BPI :) ?
  • rogal27


    Again very interesant video as ussually.
    I think the most productive momentum for me should be to plan my day activities ( as you mentioned ) - ussually do it at the end of the day or early morning.

    Then the whole day ( which is full of activities ) are much productive then my days without planning ( playing games, browsing the web... )

    PushUps work for me very well when Iam very tired at the end of the session ( around 01:00 - 04:00am ) - sometimes I do 20 pushups every 10 minutes to be fresh and focused to the game :)
  • erkyl


    Hello, thx for your vid !
    I do really need to boost my productivity, so i'm gonna watch all your vids of this serie (at least ;) ) and apply them one by one.
    For this first, I did really enjoy that you covered the whole problem, from the "why?" to the "how YOU can do". So i'm planning to follow your document's steps to try and build my momentum.


    This seems really smart. Applying!