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w34z3l returns with his Evolution of Poker series looking into the thought processes behind multi-street thinking rather than single point decisions


Evolution of Poker series Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi everyone

    Please enjoy the latest video in the Evolution of Poker Series by w34z3l

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Kony76


    Greta vídeo learned a lot. Now it get's very clear the cbetting/barreling.
  • toateslafel


    Nice video!
  • chopfi


    Great Video!
    But about the part with the triple barrel I have a question.
    Is it not more likely that villain calls us on this wet boards because we can fire 3 barrels with our draws ? On the dry boards he may have slowplayed monsters but folds his top pair hands more often on the river?
  • MrIndependent


    This Series is getting better on every street! Again great content, thanks for this one and I hope you'll go on producing stuff like this. *thumps up*

    At #4: Concerning, that we are the preflop aggressor and do not necessarily want to isolate calling Stations with hands like 54s, villain's got to respect our triple barrel, especially if you add the fact, that you do not want to play your draws aggressivly multiway on flops like that, because you usually cannot expect that much foldequity on boardtextures like these.

    Would you call a third barrel on the river with AJo in this particular spot? I propably wouldn't.
  • elo3200


    37:40 The formula for the size of bet to get 2/3rd pot shove on next street is wrong. It approximate pretty well, however if current pot is close to effective-stack, our next street shove size will be more like pot-size. Correct formula is (3*Effective-stacks - 2*current pot)/7. I am writing this because I have spent last 2 hours to figure out what is wrong with this formula and I feel dumb.
    Btw. nice series!
  • doktorsigi


    I appreciated the possibility to watch this video. Thank you very much for this one.
    I have a question to the last example (49:00).
    U said, we shoud 3 barrel with the very weak part of our range. Is 3rd to weak because he would have raised nearly any Draw on an earlier street?
    Thu :)
  • Laci24


    Very good video!! :) Thx! :)