Pleno1 Examining NL100 Zoom

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Pleno1 is back with a live session at 100NL examining the player base and its differences to 200NL


live session Zoom

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  • pleno1


    Hey guys dont be scared to give me some feedback or questions
  • sp1der111


    Hey pleno1,

    you totally switched your style between this and the last NL100 Zoom video. Now it seems to be a 22/18/6% 3Bet/45W$WSF style instead of 27/22/9% 3Bet/48W$WSF. And maybe I'm wrong with this assumption but I'm wondering cause you said (e.g. K8 open CO) that you open a little bit wider in these spots, so my conclusion is that you have to play even tighter with pre flop raises at NL200 Zoom and I'm sure that I can't remember this style when I met you at the tables. Am I wrong?

    With regards,
  • pleno1


    At 200 I have very comfortable style that works well. At 100 you have to change this type and be very focused on the table. For example if co opens, btn 3bets its v likely I will 4brt call jj and not think twice at 200. At 100 its most likely going to be a mistake. The biggest differences is that everybody is a fkn nit!! So we have to exploit this and help ourselves by trying to win a lot more smaller bluffs.

    100 is the stake where our red line should be bet, almost everybody I coach at 100 plays way way too tight with v bad red lines and don't ever call 3bets or fight back.

    I'd,suggest very aggressive pre flop initial game ie opening and 3betting but getting it in pretty tight ie playing super exploitable, simply because they don't exploit you and gto isn't s concern here. Focusing on gto will be a big leak at 100, not focusing on gto will be a big leak at 500 and 200 you can be soe,where in the middle.
  • tatartom


    5:20 KQo at AAxr, I like xb here cos vilain rarely shoud vbet midd pp, and he didn't fold any better hand to one bet.
    13:38 KQ utg is this default snap fold 4 u, what range do u recommended to RF on utg, this same like on boot camp?
    KQo is pretty std 4 me at nl100 and earn good.
  • pleno1


    hey, he flat sb and then i bet for protection and as a bluff vs his small pairs that i can win now or ott.

    folding kq is a little bit tight imo, but if regs on table and in blinds then raising something like j9s may be better if you dont wanna go too wide. think opening is fine-good.
  • Sharrow


    Have you ever played Speed NL100 on Ipoker?
    It seems to be way more aggresive than Zoom,at least thats my impression.
    I would be interested in other opinions.
  • pleno1


    Hey sharrow what's up?

    Yer I played v v v little amount it was just full of short stacks so I really didn't enjoy it. It's more likely to,e aggressive because of this.
  • mesisification


    37:00 I would've just shoved on the turn since villains hand looks like 8x or draw which don't want to face a huge bet and they kinda try to blockbet or something, thing is that they're not usually folding even though they're not super happy about calling. River brings overcard so often and villain might not pay us off anymore.

    Great video, thanks.
  • BC1989RF


    Great video!