Beating the $15 18-Man SNG

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Collin reviews a recent $15 18-man he played including analysing his own mistakes and how we can learn from them


3-bet HH Review PokerStars postflop

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  • skgo


    wieso sind die besten Videos meistens die sng immer nur auf englisch wann lässt ihr mal paar übersetzen man !!!


    why do not translate into Russian new video's ColLin Moshman?
  • eslchr1s


    there is no reason to translate any english video. if u can't understand english nowadays, learn it! no excuse for not doing it.
  • Lasso


    8:44 shoving here is fine too right? biggest stack has 12bbs. i know u like to play raise/call. lets say btn shoves. does that make u fold some % of ur opening range here? on lower stakes ppl tend to still call a lot of hands to such a pf raise. so im always shoving here, expecially since smaller pockets doesnt play too well postflop. i guess thats an ok approach?

    anyway, great video as always. really enjoyed it. keep it up!
  • CollinMoshman


    I hope the videos get translated into German, Russian, and other languages, but you'll have to ask Pokerstrategy about that as it's not up to me :)

    #4 Lasso: Yes, shoving is definitely a good play as well. I was discussing this with a student today, and the interesting thing is that it really doesn't matter all that much whether you play shove/fold or r/f/c here. Nash range is around 28% in both cases. It's a common result in cEV mode or with 8 or 9 left in a 9man, effective stack under 15bb, that the two strategies perform very similarly. So openshoving or r/c'ing here are both good.

    Thanks for the question and glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • Sendrafreak


    #1/#2 Learn English guys!

    Generally: Good content as always.

    Concerning future videos I would be interested in a nonturbo 9man multitabling video with tables stacked (12-16 tables or even more). In my opininon this is a a more praxis relevant format than just analyzing one table because eyeryone of us SNG players is, as everybody knows, more or less a mutitabler, and under those circumstances you simply don't have the time to think over every situation in detail. So it would be much more important to have an idea how to handle these many tables in order to be able to stay at least breakeven in the long run (letting tons of rakeback being the money printing factor in the end), with the latter one sounding quite modest, although quite realistic imo in today's games with at least 3-4 regs sitting on each table even in the micros.

    Best regards,
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Sendrafreak: Thanks. I definitely agree that multi-tabling skills are crucial, and in case you haven't seen them you may want to look at my live play videos, I have some where I play up to 16 or 24 tables.
  • ghaleon


    9:30 J8s: Versus aggro reg its good call, but not really standard one to make versus reg who is tight from late positions or unknown.

    13:47 AK: In earlier AK flatting is totally ok. Here you would get so great pot odds that folding versus anyone would not be possible with any hands imo. So would prefer to iso shove. But yeah if players behind are not regs it doesnt matter much.

    18:30 K6o: Nice analysis there. I would advice to run these sort of spots in hrc as advanced hand with "additionally allow shove" option. Then it would show more realistic type of ranges and would also allow to see what sort of range hero can induce and so on.

    29:00 95o: Bit wide shove when SB is so extremely short, but might still be good. One side to account that many in BB shoes are bit too scared of coming third so I think around 30% calling range would be closer to reality than 45% Also maybe SB is folding bit more than nash suggest.
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 Ghaleon:

    J8s: Agreed.

    AK: For sure we call vs anyone, I prefer flatting most of my range this deep with the blinds.

    K6: Thanks, and yes the Additionally Allow Openshove option is very useful, I'll start using it more in the relevant spots in my vids.

    95: Agreed, good points.
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    do u think in most games on average, high or low stakes, people do not diviate from nash that much and thats the reason u use nash as a default for pushing and calling pushes?