The Red Line: Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Oblioo concludes his Red Line series with a look at some more hands in the quest to improve your non-showdown winnings


HH Review red line series

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest part of oblioo's "Red Line" series

    If you have any questions/comments for Dustin please leave them below
  • Vitaminos


    30:20 On a board 65Q7T you decide to bluff overbet shove with AQ. Basically you represent only two combos AJs ATs of your flatting range preflop. Do you think that is good bluff versus thinking opponent?
  • Vitaminos


    Yeah, I Forgot KJs and KTs. But anyway not many combos to represent.
  • oblioo


    #2&3, First of all we can also have A9s and possibly some other Axs sometimes, as well as JTss and T9ss (notice we are deep with BB), so that's ~8 flush combos. Secondly and more importantly, "versus a thinking opponent" is too vague. What we want to do is figure out HOW a certain opponent is thinking, not WHETHER he/she is thinking or not. Everyone thinks. In this hand, because of the HUD stats I mentioned, the way this opponent thinks is "if my opponent shoves the river he must be very strong, and if I don't have the nuts I'll probably fold." So to answer your question, in this spot, yes I do :)
  • oblioo


    Also, even vs. a random opponent, assuming you are shoving with the 5 combos of flushes you mentioned, what bluff combos are you shoving? (The answer is AQ with the ace of spades)
  • PrawdziwyElBandito


    24:00 You are playing here about 60bb deep. Do you not auto-rebuy or play sometimes MSS? I am asking because looking for some MSS coach.

    Pretty nice video!
  • NeiWu1984


    Ask a silly question, how do you find the first raise pref in UTG/CO/BN to your table stats?
  • oblioo


    #6: I'm not positive but I assume that hand was played on a site where auto-rebuy doesn't always work right away. However, I did spend 2 years playing MSS, and I still play other players at my tables who are often 40bb deep, so I can definitely help with MSS play. Feel free to send me an email: obliopokercoach(at)gmail(dot)com.

    #7: Are you asking me how to create a HUD? It depends on what tracking software you use; you'd be better off asking in the forums.
  • mlatasrb


    42 min, hand J7o river overbet, it needs to work >70%. I think this guy folds all hands which are non A9, and maybe 99 as you said he is capped and he is unknown so I dont think he calls.

    Do you also bluff in the same way vs people who saw you bluffing and value ovebetting before? I think, the overbet as bluff makes the most sense vs people who never cought us in bluff and vs nitty people, also we exploit people by having mostly bluffs in our range (since we dont expect to get called). I guess when somebody catches you in bluff, you make a note and start value overbetting, and do you still bluff overbet?
  • mlatasrb


    When I bluff overbet, I do it vs capped ranges mostly where I had some draw but mostly on boards which doesnt have busted fd (because I think I get called more often on those), and when I value ovebet (mostly vs opponents who saw me bluffing) I usually do it when many draws are busted. Do you think it is ok?
  • mlatasrb


    The last hand A2s, do you think is he having any value hands beside sets on turn? I think he hits Qx some % of time, and if we shove turn we dont repp anything because we would with value prefer to let him spew? Could we instead call turn and donk river 1/3- 1/2 pot and do it also with value hands (to look committed) and also our bluff would need to work less often? I dont think he would bluff shove river so often
  • mlatasrb


    Forgot to mention, very good series of videos, I learned so much and you explain in the great way.
  • oblioo


    #9: If someone sees me overbet bluff, no, that doesn't stop me from overbet bluffing vs. that player; I will still do it in good spots (but I may include some thinner value hands in my overbetting range as well).

    #10: Yes, overbetting in general should be done vs. capped ranges, whether you have a bluff or a value hand. And yes, I agree it's often nice to overbet for value when draws miss because you are more likely to get hero called.

    #11: I do not think villain has sets for betting the turn; I believe his value range is exactly Q2s (1 combo) and Q3s (2 combos). However, I do think he can potentially be bluffing the turn with a better hand (in particular 3x hands), so I do not want to flat and let him shove the river. Because of this it's important for us to get the last bet in, plus nice to get villain to fold any 6-outers, so for all these reasons I would much rather shove the turn than flat.

    #12: thank you :)
  • kempesKGB



    Could you please describe you HUD?
  • oblioo


    check part 2 of the series
  • kempesKGB



    I did and I missed it somehow.
  • Shakaflaka


    Nice series! I've been translating them into Spanish ;)
    It could be interesting to do the same kind of videos for an other interesting subject such as bluffcatching: you could review hands in which we face flop raises, turn raises, river bets, etc. That would be awesome!