$60 9-man Turbo KO Analysis

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Fullring
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Collin Moshman is back with a review of a $60 9-man turbo KO focusing on ranges


HH Review knock out Session Review turbo

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  • jimira


    Should be gold for a short moment :-(
  • pLAYERsjsk


    first 10 and last 10 minutes of this video are very painful to watch :( there are a many misconceptions in your theory.

    i liked your reasoning behind playing KK 2nd hand in 3way pot postflop.
  • nurmalna


    nice vid,
    question not about the video, but knockouts.
    Because of the bountie, what equtity we should have to go all in, on the first hand, including the little edge of future bounties as well, because now we cover all the players, if we happen to win.
  • pLAYERsjsk


  • DrPepper


    Great video but I don't think I'll ever play bounty SnGs. Not really suitable for nits like me :-)
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 pLAYERsjsk: Sorry you didn't enjoy the video, if you give me specific spots/criticisms I'm happy to comment on them.

    #3 Nurmalna: Thanks. Beatlemanic comments in the "Interesting Spots" video about accounting for future ability to collect bounties. I currently don't account for this, since if we lose a pot (or full stack) that diminishes/eliminates our ability to collect bounties just as increasing our stack increases our ability to collect bounties. I will do more research into his method though.

    #5 DrPepper: Thanks, and sure you'd be a beast in the bounties :)
  • Beatlemanic


    #6 If you win AI in first hand, your expectation of bounty win in future raise to 1.57 bounty - so its increment of 0.57 from 1. But if you lose, your exp. of bounty win in future decreas to 0. So you are risking 1 potencial bounty to win only 0.57 potential bounty. (But you will get 1 present bounty if you win, so ofc you can still call AI more wide than in normal sng)
  • nurmalna


    CollinMoshman i have read your sng book several times and one most important thing I remember(for me) is if we go all in AKs vs 22 which is coin then others are making money.
    Now I didń´t want to belive pLAYERsjsks 51% so I made my own calculations.
    First thing is in knockouts- going all in on the very first hand, other players actually are LOSING money (though its only marginal- for example 7 dollars knockouts, they lose 0.02 dollars)
    Secondly shockingly for BE we need only 48 % of equity. But there I made little mistake, its only before rake, so with rake its exactly 51 % as pLAYERsjsk said - which still is shocking
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    do u think in most games on average, high or low stakes, people do not diviate from nash that much and thats the reason u use nash as a default for pushing and calling pushes?