Bootcamp: Pleno1 Live at 200NL Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Pleno1 begins our December Bootcamp with a look at a live 200NL Zoom session he played recently on PokerStars


Bootcamp Live Video PokerStars Zoom

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  • ursusmm


    nice :)
  • schnukki007


    what make u think thats a value line in minute 22 (K9) ? with what kind of hands he will do thins?
  • schnukki007


    btw 2tables > 4tables
  • shipit2menow


    18:30 Q9o:

    i feel like because we're a bit deeper (~126bb) it makes it less likely that we'd go for a x/r on the river rather than the turn, both with the nuts and our sets (55, 88, maybe 77 if we think we're ahead of his turn betting range).
    our 2 pair type hands like 8T, which i don't even know we should be raising on the river, are also more likely to be included in our turn raising range, seeing as how they are fairly vulnerable.
    i'm sure you do have some sets in your x/c, x/c, x/r range but overall i think we're just repping a very narrow range where already a fairly decent amount of combos can be discounted.
    also i'm sure he thinks you're definitely capable of doing exactly what you did, which makes it more likely he'll look you up.

    we need ~60% FE and i don't think we're getting that much. we have to keep in mind that he also has a perfectly uncapped range which is obviously bad for us if we're bluffing.

    that being said, even though it really looks like a perfect spot to turn our hand into a bluff i think it's very marginal.
  • jules97


    Nice video,
    I'm not a big fan of the Q9 hand either.

    I can only think the value range on the river looks like a couple of TT combos. Plus what's getting folded out anyways? As you said, he might even snap you with T8.
  • jachis


    great video!
    I preffer this format with only two tables.
  • pleno1


    Hey guys whats up and welcome to the December bootcamp!!

    1- Sure, my pleasure
    2- I take this line sometimes with top pair good kicker, in the video i go through some of the combos i think will call me, but to reiterate i think he will check back with a lot of hands that will call me such as weaker 9x, 8x, 5x with a straight draw etc.
    3- Thanks!
    4- i think i made a mis read on his sizing, it felt to me at the time more of a strong Q, overpair or weak two pair hand as villain knows me to have v high WTSD. I felt calling was the worst option and he took a long time with 88, i think the main thing that puts me off is that most of hands i represent i probably would c raise the turn or perhaps not even raise the river, however my river ranges have a lot of slow played nut hands so im actually a lot more balanced than my perceived range. Great post though, ty.
  • pleno1


    5/6 - thanks guys
  • shipit2menow


    29:30 AKo

    for those times when i'm not simply bet/bet/betting this is a spot where i generally try to maximize my value by betting bigger on the river against the top part of his range (AT+, JJ+), rather than betting small to get calls from the weaker parts of his range.
    the amount of time he calls a big bet with the top part is gonna make us more money than betting small against his bottom+top part.
    if you think he's spazzy i like a smaller bet, but in general a default reg doesn't bluffraise all that much in these spots imo.
    i'd bet a lot bigger (~$50) for value and if we ever decide to bluff we're also generating a lot more FE with this sizing and can get him off 7x, 99, TT, etc.
    would appreciate your opinion on this though.
  • Saviorhun


    Great video, I liked more this 2 table version.

    GL next year ;)
  • Vinny80


    Great video, thanks man!
  • Zelja222


    Great video, I like 2 tables more than 4! 3 is fine too.
  • pleno1


    Thanks so much for the nice words guys, we will defo do 2 tables from now on. Really looking forward to making more videos.
  • pleno1


    9 - in my last video at 200nl i spoke a lot about 200nl guys being spewy on the river, i think these smaller bets are pretty cool for that reason. i think when he checks back turn he often has 7x, 99, tt, jj which he will call a lot more than vs a large bet imo and more likely to turn it into a bluff. my first default line as u can see was to go 53 otr so definitely have both of those sizings otr in my game plan
  • shipit2menow


    cool, thanks for the replies.

    really enjoy your videos. keep 'em coming.

    best wishes on your quest for SNE!
  • mysteryman21


    12 tables will be good)
  • arsenalua


    Also have questions about that AKo hand. Looks to me like we should bet three streets for value cause we are ahead of all his preflop calling range. Small bet OTF gives all his draws perfect price to call and gives us less value from pp and aces. Please explain your plan with whole range. OTR it seems like we have value from big bet, imo.
    Though great vid, like to see'em coming. Especially about deep stakes, you've mentioned.
  • BC1989RF


    Great video.
    Last hand is genius.
    2 tables > 4 tables when you go into that much detail per hand.
  • gadget51


    With the K5s at the end, do you not think that QQ might be unwilling to fold but be playing scared postflop in a big pot? Guy could be a bit risk averse and waiting for you to spew some off and call "coz I haz overpair" ?
  • Virtusnyc


    nice stuff
  • FuMaGoR777


  • Pumper247


    cool video :)
  • dedxx


    very nice vid!! u got one of my very favorite videomakers here!! keep doing!!
  • UnknownF


    Hey, Pleno. Great video!
    But I'm a bit confused with your HUD: 4d line is "fold SB to steal/fold BB to steal/call BB vs SB/3b BB vs SB/fold BB vs SB", right?
  • nurscheisskarten


    thanks now i have a good hud :megusta:
  • eszibit


    Hey,pretty nice video , regarding the J6s hand min 34:00 , i hate more or less everything about it . The squeeze vs fishy guys that call a lot ,the bet to induce on the flop . Don't understand why would you like to induce from hands that have 45% equity instead of betting big and getting them to fold.
  • srohack


    hey pleno1 . can you give your hud file ?
  • srohack


    hey pleno . can you give your hud file ?
  • mesisification


    I would've 3 barreled that Td9d8d board with A8 atleast at lower limits since villains are more affraid to make a calldown with weak onepair hands, but I'm not sure if that's a good strategy in NL200, I think it would work.

    Nice video!


    I prefer the two tables videos
  • double2


    Awesome video.

    I want a video with master Pleno talking about deep play.

  • KillBZ


    24.10 How do you feel like overbetting turn or river with Jx on the 888 board? Is it nice to have a overbetting range there or do you feel like we accomplish the same with the big sizings like you used now.
  • yomatiyo


    Min 11:00, OF COURSE 3barrels is a lot better than just one. In fact, I belive chdown y better than beting flop.
  • Jumbleboy


    2 tables. great video!