Bootcamp: Oblioo on Defending vs a Button Minraise

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For the 4th video in our Bootcamp series Oblioo investigates BB defense ranges vs button minraises


Blind Defense Bootcamp Theory Video

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  • schnukki007


    we already got articles and videos regarding the ranges in the pokerschool. 2.0
  • Panny1


    Quick question regarding your popup: Did you define most of the statistics yourself (i.e. the C-b/3-b Flop as pfr)?
  • oblioo


    #1: I was not aware of this, but I just checked them out, and no offense to whoever came up with those ranges but I really disagree with the SB range in particular. Also I cannot find any article/video about specifically what to consider when facing a minraise from the BTN.

    #2 and #3: Yes a lot of the stats in that popup are custom stats :)
  • Johnis


    Good video, easy to understand. I would be very interested to know, what adjustments to make, when being deep, especially playing from the small blind. Assuming, that we play the same opponent in BU as discussed in this video (keeping all variables the same, except stack sizes), how does your game plan changes ? How does the big blind with a deep stack behind you affect your strategy ?
  • oblioo


    #5: To answer simply, when OOP, you should generally be 3betting less frequently and more polarized the deeper you get, assuming the villain who has position on you is a good/tough reg. Ranges will change depending on exact stack depth but hopefully that answers your question.
  • metza


    Nice vid. It was a little dry, but its such a common spot that it is important to look at, and there's no way to make looking at flopzilla ranges exciting imo.

    How drastically should our ranges change when facing a 3x rather than 2x BTN open?
  • oblioo


    #7: Thanks for the feedback. The simple answer is that all our ranges should tighten up noticeably, but going over exact defending ranges vs. a 3x BTN open would take another video. I'd still tend to generally be polarized from BB and depolarized from SB.
  • Farmarchist


    Very very good vid oblioo! Great content!
  • babel92


    nice video sir! ;)
  • jules97


    Nice video. I like the cbet sizing tip.

    How do you go about dealing with defending squeezes from the BB after calling in the SB?
  • Tim729


    Thanks oblioo, great content.
    I would have liked additional information
    1.) about what to do when we are deep (we need to tighten up, ok, but how tight and what hands are we restealing in particular?)
    2.) about what to do against a 2,5bb and a 3bb open (again we need to tighten up, but it would nice to have an extra chart for this.

    Furthermore it would be great if you could upload such charts to pokerstrategy (in an extra thread for instance).
    I think this is great content and I´m sure lots of people would have liked to print it.

  • EverSteel


    hey oblioo,
    Good vid!
    But doesn't calling pocket pairs on SB seem too oldschool for you?
    And isn't it +EV to coldcall Qxs on BB?
  • wlcKeD


    @12 +1 :)
  • elo3200


    I don't understand why people keep asking for ready ranges (for 2,5 ,3, 17 bb open, or 325bb deep). I don't like this video for same reason: it provides tables but not teaches me how to construct them. First part, when you talk about factors we need to consider, is ok. Second part is just a next table which i should print and hang above my desk. I don't think it made me develop.
    Sorry for my English. I hope my opinion makes sense.
  • oblioo


    #9 and #10: thanks :)

    #11: First of all, I think people overemphasize this as a concern. If you look at someone who squeezes "a lot," it's usually ~10%. What this means is that 90% of the time they won't squeeze! That said, if someone is squeezing an exploitable amount then we can construct a back-raising range, and we could even profitably 4bet shove some pocket pairs. Against a normal squeezing range I don't think we necessarily need to have a 4betting range; we can just defend the strongest parts of our flatting range and take a flop.

    #12 and #14: As I mentioned before, it depends on the stack depth. At 300bb effective, I might have a 3betting range of about 1% which would include AA for value and some 95s-type stuff. At 600bb I might not 3bet at all OOP. This is all assuming we are facing good regs on the BTN who will often float, bluffraise, and overbet vs. capped ranges. However, many players have noticeable leaks especially when deep, so you can usually get away with constructing exploitative ranges. And regarding defense vs. 2.5x and 3x opens, why don't you start a thread in the bootcamp with ranges you believe are good, and then we can have a discussion there?

    #13: Not sure what you mean by "too oldschool"; it's profitable for me and that's what matters. And regarding Q2s, I'm not sure. Yes we're getting good odds and flopping top pair of queens is nice, but we also have reverse implied odds and poor playability. I know that some top players flat, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

    #15: Personally I believe it's helpful to have starting-point ranges from experienced players; otherwise you just have to do a lot of clicking buttons and experimenting on your own. Obviously this should not detract from the importance of thinking for yourself.
  • tatartom


    Hello, so if you call pocket pairs and Axs in BB then what hands do you 3b/5b as a bluff?
    Are you calling AJ, KQ when someone 4bets?

  • WhiteFoxFox


    Great vid :D
    Will there be a follow up video of postflop play OOP without iniciative?
    The main problem of my game is there right now and cant find much on it :D
  • metza


    I also don't get why this vid is only 3 stars when its the only bootcamp vid that isn't:

    xxxx plays NL200

    Not that I don't enjoy those videos, I do, but I think props are due for actually taking a concept to work on.
  • oblioo


    #17: I don't think we need a 5bet shoving range vs. a minraise/small 4bet, and pocket pairs do NOT make good hands to min 5bet with. Yes I often flat broadways vs. 4bets, and I generally only min 5bet for exploitable reasons, though you could certainly construct a solid range.

    #18: Thanks, I wasn't planning on that but I'll think about it.

    #19: Thanks, I appreciate your comment :).
  • tatartom


    #18,19 + 1
    This video isn't enjoyable but is very valuable. I understood that I had to many Axo, Kxo in my 3beting range, thanks. I'll be waiting for post flop play material.
  • 7CatWoman


    Nice video, thanks !
  • oArlekino


    Good vid! ^^
  • Grottesco


    So, if btn minraises 2$ in a 0.50/1 game we 3bet to 7,5$.
    Doesn't that makes too easy for OR to flat us considering we have so much bluff in our range? Or is it that widening their range helps us opening a lot our value range and that makes for it?
    I usually 3bet to 9 or 10 for example, do you think that exposes me to min4bets too much?
  • oblioo


    #21, #22, #23: thanks!

    #24: I'm not sure what you mean by "too easy". Yes the button should have a decently wide flatting range vs. our 3bets, but that's why we choose hands with decent playability as opposed to A2o. I think making it 9 or 10 is too big, especially at 100bb effective. If you 3bet to 10bb from SB, you are risking 9.5bb to win a pot of 3.5bb, which is a huge overbet.
  • Grottesco


    Thanks a lot for the answer. In .it poker rooms you don't ever see an oop 3bet less than 9x, i'll try to implement smaller ones in my game and see how it goes :)

    Hope to see a "how to play oop w/o aggression" soon.
  • EverSteel


    Hey oblioo,

    But doesn't it look too tight to only defend 21% from SB?
  • oblioo


    #27: First of all the range is more like 22%, and why do you think that is too tight? This is assuming that both BTN and BB are good players. Obviously when one or both are weaker we can open up. To be fair we could probably widen to ~24% even vs. good players.
  • oblioo


    NOTE: I feel I should mention that many very good players prefer to have more of a linear 3-betting range BB vs BTN, and only flat with the weaker parts of their defending ranges. Personally I still tend to generally stick with a more polarized range (as explained) and I have a very good BB win(loss)rate.