Bootcamp: lnternet plays Live at 500NL Zoom

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lnternet returns with his video for the Bootcamp. He plays live at 500NL Zoom on PokerStars focusing on solid play in the absence of stats


Bootcamp Live Video PokerStars Zoom

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  • Fun4you


    omg , for platinum , thanks a lot =)
  • metza


    I noticed your Set % with KK remained steadily at 100% during the session, how do you maintain this playing style :P

    Few serious questions though regarding the AcQc @ 38:30

    What was your plan on the flop if:

    presumed fish/CO bets?

    BTN bets?

    When fish minraises the river, do you think your hand being underrepped should add as a factor towards calling, or is that not as important if the guy is fishy?
  • LemOn36


    T9s on undercard
    You cbet slightly bigger than pot? :O
    you did say you'd bet 75% but didn't seem like a miss click - you most likely have this tendency in your autopilot.
    How do you determine your cbet sizings? Do you change them based on:
    - flop wetness/dryness
    - your preflop position/how wide your range is/how likely it is to hit this board
    - IP/OOP
  • LemOn36


    QJs on T8Xs - you raised BvB pre then Check called flop. I guess you take this line with weakish made hands too right so having QJ kinda makes your range harder to play against. What do you do with made hands like A8 K8 77 etc. without backdoors - would they be in your check calling range too or do you bet flop to "protect". And what's the turn play when we either cc or bet these hands?
  • Talent2


    Hey Internet, thanks for the video and I really appreciate that this is available for platinum, obv! :)
    Some questions:
    Min 15:48 & Min 16:38 both bottom of your defending range? I still think thats very marginal, but I really like your explanation vs midstackers (because of their betsizings). Even though you are not a MTT-coach I m sure this idea applies there as well!?
    Min 19:39 Which hands besides strong tp could we possibly jam here / would you jam here?
    Min 20:00 Don`t think 85s vs a 2.5x bu open should be in our polarized 3betting range?
    Min 38:41 I def prefer going bigger pre (2bb or/ 7.5bb 3b + 7.5bb overcall / and we are 140bb deep I think making it 115$-120$ is why better with our range here)!
    I like the flop check a lot! but I def think there is value in betting turn against potentially weaker Qx by the fish or hands like 99-JJ.
    Hope to see more of your videos in the future :)
  • LemOn36


    Agreed great video, defo should do platinum more often :)

    I just wanted to watch on silent while eating breakfast but it had some good concepts.

    Made some notes too
  • infiK


    Hi Paul, ty for the video!

    I have the following questions:
    Min 15:48 you said you wont have a calling range vs 37to10 3bet, can you explain why? If you're playing a raise/fold strategy what is your worst 4b/c hand? What should villains sizing be for you to start designing a calling range? How would it look like?
  • infiK


    ty in advance!
  • schnukki007


    i agree that we dont have a profitable CBet after we cold4bet with AQ on QXXs vs regs. but to put the recreational player on such a narrow range makes no sense. he can hold a lot worse that would call there. or not?
  • Shevtshenko


    11:00 T9s co vs bb

    you cbet pot 742r. Can you elaborate why this is better than betting say 1/2 or 2/3?

    16:50 A7s mp vs co

    First you say "suited aces aren't just good for 3b-bluffing but also for 4b-bluffing", then you continue and say "A7s is a little too weak for a 4b in a top-heavy range but fine in polarized range". Can you give examples for top heavy range and polarized 4b ranges in this specific spot?
  • TetraQuark



    First of all thnx for the video, good work!

    Could you estimate what your wr would be on nl200/nl500 if u played these games regularly?
  • lnternet


    #2, #9

    AQ was most certainly just a cbet for value against the fish. I played it like it was regs only, where I think checking is best. But against a passive fish, checking flop and turn burns a lot of value, was pretty bad.

    Plan is to XC if anyone bets flop. After flop checks through, turn plan was to XR-AI, you will see some bluffs there from both and bet/calls with worse hands like middle-pairs.
  • lnternet


    I don't play MTTs, so anything I say about them can't be trusted. But the nonlinear chip value has effects which make confrontation bad for both players, naturally lowering correct bet sizing, negating this effect partially. That, or MTT-ers just bet to small and you should exploit by calling a lot.

    19:39, low hearts like 65hh, other hearts we floated, 53s, are all hands which are possible shove > fold > call.
  • lnternet


    #7 I don't think that calling is maxEV for any hand there, as simple as that. If you have a calling range, it's like very obvious, thereby lowering it's EV to the point where 4betting or folding is better.

    I make my 4b range dependent on my opening range. Somewhat straight forward, make sure you don't fold enough for him to +EV 3bet weak hands, which means you 4bet top 27% or so of your opening range.

    His sizing should likely be a bit smaller. How small I can only speculate, but maybe 3 times the open.
  • regie


    on flop like 333 do you balance this large sizing or it is not important?
  • mesisification


    Is your screen name "InteMet" or "InteRNet" :D

    Nice video.
  • dvvvX


    #15, #7
    Internet, let's say we open 24%, top 27% = 88+,ATs+,KQs,AQo+
    why do we need 88?
    wouldn't it be more logic to add some hands with blockers?
    TT+, A7s+, KQs, AQo+ ?
  • mbml


    @17: inteMet for stars
  • Virtusnyc


    good video
  • cutegoldfish


    how much are you adjusting your ranges, comparing weak and strong opponents in the blinds when we are in the MP? i have noticed A8o being opened twice in the MP because there was a weak player, i assume we are also opening all broadways suited connectors and some weaker Kxs hands? that would be up to maybe 25% of the range?

    i saw pretty loose calls in the BB, and i ran some calculations and it actually happens to be +EV, though when i looked through my database i didnt do as well with them. whats the plan when u call Q6s BB vs MP mR or T6o call BB vs CO on the flop? how many % of the time are u going to fold roughly? how many % would you continue? and of those you continue how is the distribution between a check/raise check/call?