Evolution of Poker - Counter Aggression

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W34z3l continues his excellent Evolution of Poker series with a look into countering with aggression


Evolution of Poker series Theory Video

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  • w34z3l


    Hmmm. No comments =D
  • rmotoki


    Pretty good video as always w34z3l! You did mention it later in the video, but specifically ln the bluff lines section, I'd include IP-dry board the call-call-bet line, since we are in a age where people started barreling a lot, but mostly 2-barreling on dry runouts and then giving up on the river. Other lines as IP-dry call-call-raise or OOPd-dry c/c-c/c-c/r are also good lines against loose 3-barrelers and needs a bit a balancing as well since they are usually a nutty line to take!
    Looking forward to the next video!
  • CountZero


    awesome video!
    Great argumentation and explanations.
  • deluxeodelic


    thx for the video!
    You say, that you need to defend the same frequencies on boards that do or do not hit hero´s range hard in order to be not exploitable. If you break it down - than you would have to defend on every single board the same frequency?
    Could it also work to defend less on boards wich hero´s range doesnt hit hard and defend more on boards hero´s range hits hard - so that hero is "overall" not exploitable?
  • riskcore


    really awesome some of best videos on poker strategy looking forward to all your vids!
  • Laci24


    Really helpful video! Thank you! :)