$60 9-Man Non-Turbo Analysis

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  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Fullring
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Our SNG boss Collin Moshman returns with a look at a $60 9-man tournament on PokerStars


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  • DrPepper


    The KJs hand at 15:00 is really interesting because you seem to be approaching it quite differently than I would. Personally, I would've never even thought about 3bet shoving here with more than 20 big blinds. I mean, we risk our very nice stack here to win a relatively small amount. I don't really like 3bet/folding here as well with this kind of hand that has a huge playability. I'd rather do that with a rag Ace for blocker value.

    I think KJs is pretty much perfect for flating. We can make some pretty big hands in position and have some nice implieds. I just wanna see a flop here. We can still win some hands unimproved as well. I think he will have a lot more problems postflop oop against our range that is still stronger than his even if we just flat.

    Offtopic: I finally started to play the 60s as well now and what happens? I run 70 Buy-Ins under EV (!) in 2 days and 250 games. Thank you Pokerstars! I guess you shouldn't move up in limits after a cash out ;-) Anyway, see you on Wednesday in your coaching!
  • DrPepper


    Another thing to the KJs hand: I would also almost always flat my really strong hands here as I want action by him and not push him out. I think I would almost never 3bet in this spot as the blinds are pretty short and this will make our 3bet look even stronger. I might only do it with some bad Aces occasionally.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    I agree with Pepper about KJs hand. I feel like you'r loosing a lot of value by just shoving this hand. You play really good vs CO range IP and you can still call if one of these shorts squeeze and pfr fold.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    Actually you did small 3bet there, i was sure it was shove:P But still think that flat>3bet/fold>shove
  • CollinMoshman


    KJs Hand: I agree that flatting is a very reasonable option here, and I should have discussed this line more in the video. Nice point by both DrPepper and L0rdOfFreedom :)

    The main point I wanted to make though, is that these stacks are perfect for applying ICM pressure versus a reg. I think it's a mistake not to have a 3bet range in this spot. There will be a wide gap between a reg's open and defend-vs-3bet ranges, so I like 3betting very wide in a spot like this.

    In terms of 3betting small vs 3bet shoving, I definitely agree that 3bet small is better vs most regs, but against tricky/lag regs who may 4bet shove wide, 3bet shoving will often be the better play despite the poor risk-reward ratio.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and if you disagree with anything I wrote above or have more questions, feel free to ask/post!
  • JusTNo1RNMD



    couple questions about nash ranges in generall. maybe u talked about it earlier, if yes, sorry.

    1. u use nash for pushing/calling shoves as a DEFAULT strategy? meaning that in spots where u push or call a push u always look for the nash answer FIRST? independent of reads or stats? for the moment im talking only about push/call decisions and not about 3/4bet-call etc nash ranges

    2. if yes, then what about the fact that nash is an adjustment to your opponenet's strat? meaning that u shouldnt use nash unless u KNOW FOR A FACT that your opp is adjusting to u and that would almost always mean than u shouldnt use nash vs randoms just coz u dont know if they adjusting to u or not.

  • JusTNo1RNMD


    ...also what u think about not using nash at all, so like for every spot u should have an approximate non-nash range (based on the experience and the tendencies u observed) which u could adjust based on the stats u see?
  • CollinMoshman


    #6/#7 JusTNo1RNMD:

    1. Yes as a default strategy. If I have a reason to adjust, such as widening a shoving range vs a tight-passive big blind, I definitely will. But Nash is my starting point.

    2. Nash is not an adjustment. Anything besides Nash is an exploitive adjustment to your opponents.

    3. I think you could still do OK this way in most games, but unless the majority of the opponents in your games are systematically deviating from Nash in a particular way, it won't be the best approach.

    Hope that helps, gl!
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    "3. I think you could still do OK this way in most games, but unless the majority of the opponents in your games are systematically deviating from Nash in a particular way, it won't be the best approach." so u basically saying that u think in most games on average, high or low stakes, people do not dv8 from nash that much and thats the reason u use nash as a default? also u should prolly do a nash vid where u break down what nash is and when u should use it, coz im sure a lot of players, especially new to poker will have a lot of misunderstanding about wat nash is
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    also if u think that nash is optimal default strat for all allin spots why dont other good players who make vods either mention nash at all or dont explicitly say that nash is a good default strat?
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    i dont fucking get it... are my last 2 questions too stupid for u to answer collin? or is too hard to just reply?
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 JusTNo1RNMD: Calm down, my friend! I missed seeing your two questions here for a few days but just replied to the similar question you posted in my $2.50 180man video. If you have more questions just let me know :)
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    sorry, just became very frustrated seeing you reply to all others but not me, even tho i obv know u have a lot of things u must take care of