Live 16-Tabling Micro SNGs

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Collin takes to the micro tables on PokerStars showing us how he plays during a mass multi-tabling session


live. PokerStars mass multi-tabling

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  • dubas77


    hi mosh. 5 stars as always.

    first question:
    @13:30 bottom left. you folded QTs from the BB to a BU min open. The guy has 15/12 stats. first of all, i like to have steal stats in the hud so i can quickly decide how often are my opponents stealing. but even without those stats i would very often 3-bet/fold to something around 500 in this spot against guys like this. i started doing this a lot more lately and i love it.
  • dubas77


    Now my preferences regarding these weekly videos.

    during your live wednesday coachings you play a lot of mtts. i dont play mtts so much so i love these live multitabling stt videos. they are perfect for me. i keep pausing it right before every decision a decide what i would do. when im wrong i listen to your explanation why you played that hand in that way and i learn a lot this way. so for me, live 24 tabling stts from 3.50$ to 15$ are the best learning material for my needs. :)


    merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family. ;)
  • 3HUNNA


    Around the 21:00 mark you talk about calling with A8o in an MTT but not in the STT because of ICM tax, why would you call in a MTT, is that based on his specific stats or any other difference you can explain to me?

    Also my winrate in STT's increased dramatically the last year because of you, I just recognize the situations so fast and basicly play perfectly for the micro's on auto-pilot. I keep studying though so everything's good.

    Thanks for you and your wife which are my favorite videomakers. Just both have a very good voice and I can view them for hours.

    Enjoy the upcoming festive days!
  • Asaf92


    at 8:45
    Why didn't you shove 65s?
    btw love your vids.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1/#2 Dubas: 3betting to 500 is definitely a solid option, as is flatting. Folding is a bit tight, for sure.

    Really glad you're enjoying the live play vids, thanks for the nice words and happy holidays!
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 3Hunna: I would call in an MTT or any cEV spot because A8o is too strong to raise fold HU (except against a passive player) even for the 27bb effective or so it was in that hand.

    Really glad to hear about your winrate, congrats! Thanks for the feedback/compliments, enjoy the holidays :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Asaf92: Thanks, glad you're liking the vids! 65s for 11bb over a hijack limp is slightly wider than I normally go ... in that spot I usually shove a range of around: 22/A2s/A7o/98s/QTo


    Hey Collin, why don't you remove player images? It's really distracts
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 HPNOT1Q: I leave them on during my normal games because I sometimes have visual associations connecting player tendencies to avatars.

    Do others find them distracting in the video? I'll try to remember to do the next one with them turned off. Thanks for the feedback.
  • georgelboss


    i'd like to see more live micro sngs's, but 4-6 tabling would be great.
    16 is a bit to much to watch and learn
  • DrPepper


    Regarding the format, I also think it's one of my favorites of your videos. I also like the "interesting spots" videos but for live play, I think 4 tabling is just not action-packed enough ;-)

    6:00 bottom left - You don't push KJs for 11.5 bb there as a shortstack? I think it should even be a nash shove.

    25:25 bottom right - I'd tend to ship that K4o there for 4.5 bb. What is your shoving range in that spot?

    25:30 bottom left - you fold 55 there? I hope that was a misclick ;-)
  • Sz0gun


    I love those 12-16 tabling videos. So many interesting spots. It's great you are able to play so many tables and still comment on them.
  • sunchyme1


    hi guys how do you create a time stamp?
  • Boomslang


  • Boomslang


    just write minute : seconds

  • CollinMoshman


    #110 Georgelboss: Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure how many of these videos will be under 8 tables as most of the feedback I get is for focusing on more tables. But I do a coaching each Wednesday where I usually 4table, would be great to have you come and questions are always very welcome.
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 Sz0gun: Awesome,appreciate that.

    #11 DrPepper: Great, glad you're enjoying the multitabling. Now just stop pwning me at our tables! :D

    KJs: +0.08 in Nash, nice spot.

    K4o: Shoving KXo would definitely be fine, for sure though a min of K2s/K6o.

    55: Yikes! Must've thought it was 54o or something.
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 Sz0gun: Awesome, thanks :)

    #11 DrPepper: Great, thanks for the feedback. Now just stop pwning me at our tables please! :D

    KJs: +0.08 in Nash, nice spot.

    K4o. Shoving KXo definitely fine, by K2s/K6o we have a pretty mandatory shove.

    55: Yikes! Maybe I thought it was 54o at the time or something :)
  • sunchyme1


    yoyo collin wassup player! Another wicked video! Have a few questions if you dont mind...

    1:20 upper left - you say you plan to 5 bet/stack off qq vs random unknown. Would you do this vs a known reg?

    14:52 bottom left - you shove a3s over the utg lag raise. What is your shoving range there with 10bbs and 15 bbs?

    16:24 bottom right - you mr a8s on the button with 11/12bbs. Can you just open shove this as well to stop you being exploited by the blinds 3 betting you?

    26:45 - you talk about guys who always shove ax on the button for 10bbs but say you dont need to do this. Is this only in the case where the blinds are tps?

    27:00 bottom right - jj hand, if villain bets out the river are you folding or calling?

    27:45 upper right - you mr kj 12/13bbs. Versus aggressive guys left to act, or even regs, can you ever just open shove this to take away their option of 3 betting you?

    28:17 bottom left - you fold qj utg. Its a nash shove. Did you fold because the sb is loose and also the chip leader? Or because you need to be tighter than nash in general because its bubble?

    29:53 bottom right - J6 hand. What is the plan on the turn and river if villain just flats your flop raise?

    31:55 bottom left - your kj and the shortstack. The button is the lag chip leader and sb reg flats his 77, you fold. You say you were suspicious of his flat.

    But say if the sb was a random fish, would you shove it there being the shorty and with all the money already in the pot?

    Also, if you were the sb there, would you ever fold your 77? Considering you have a big chip over the shorty and would be shoving into the loose chip leader?

    I love this format as well by the way, its my favorite too. But I would like to see a video where you do in depth post flop analysis, at all blind levels. And talk about your strategy for turn and river situations depending on what cards come, the action your faced etc.

    One more thing, you say in the video as long as your not making significant mistakes and have a decent knowledge of nash you will make money. Is this enough to make $15/hour 25 tabling at the $7's, like you have mentioned before?

    Sorry for the length of my comments, but you did insist on writing any questions we have hehe ;)

    Merry Xmas Homie!
  • sunchyme1


    and ty boomslang!
  • CrimsonTree


    Hey Collin,

    thanks for another great video. I really do prefer multitabling videos because of the amount interesting spots there. Hopefuly we're going to see more of it :)

    Greeting from Germany
  • FCKoeln


    Hey Collin,

    I would like to see 18-Man multitabling from you.

    Best regards!
  • CollinMoshman


    #22 FCKoeln: Will do my best to accommodate this, and I also play 18mans often during my Wednesday coachings. Thanks for the feedback!

    #21 CrimsonTree: Awesome, glad to hear. Thanks for commenting.
  • CollinMoshman


    #19 Sunchyme: Hey hey what's up playa!

    QQ: Totally depends on his stats and whether we have an aggro meta. Against a TAG reg without particular history, I would just flat QQ, he's not getting it in wide enough for me to profitably stack off.

    A8s: Yes openshove is definitely a good option. But nobody's going to exploit this MR, we're calling off the shove baby.

    AX 10bb: Point was more that it's not always a profitable openshove, so not to just autopilot AX 10bb button in all situations. MR/fold is also great against TP blinds.

    JJ: Call a small bet, fold to a larger bet.

    KJo: No, I would fold vs fish and hope they collide. If I had 77 in SB I would just about always 3bet shove.

    Sorry may have missed a couple of the spots but hopefully that answers most of your questions :)

    Oh and I have at least one postflop only video already out but will look to do another soon. Glad you enjoy this format. As for $15/hour mass multi-tabling $7s, yes I definitely believe that's possible with a solid style, avoiding significant mistakes, and knowing Nash very well.

    Happy holidays!
  • jimira


    21:20 J9s BL:

    I'm amazed how you can pinpoint the shovingrange so accurate, that J9s is a fold but JTs is a shove according to NASH.

    But taking FGS into the equation I would shove, and think that a calculation would show the same.

    What are your thoughts about that?
  • PedroMiguelRP


    Great video!

    Best type of video for me: title and micro limits. Do it more often, I will appreciate!!
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    do u think in most games on average, high or low stakes, people do not diviate from nash that much and thats the reason u use nash as a default for pushing and calling pushes?
  • matulanfra


    Do you use effective stacks sizes for ur PT4 HUD? What you recommend?
  • TomasAbr


    Ur HUD is useless Collin, why u dont change it?
  • topolman


    15:44 bottom left, AQo vs UTG 3x open ins't a push for 14bb? He looks loose enough to me.