MTT $9 Rebuy Session Review Part II

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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series Session Review

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  • miskokvo


    maybe you should play more tight at final table.. wait for 6 players and after that start to shaving... you had 20bb? so you can play like normal 9-10 seated sng ..coz strange of cards ale diferent when u playing full ring than short handed... imo maybe im wrong
  • carlinchen


    Great Video Tribun
  • TribunCaesar


    @1: Well, if you have a look at the pay out structure you will recognize, that only the first 1 - 3 places really make the difference. Folding to a 6th place isn't worth a lot in that one, therefore I prefer to take my chances to win this trny. ;)
  • JOYS3R


    Very nice play,except for the KQ fold and the K6s resteal.I think if u change this 2 hand:Fold K6,and shove KQ,then u can easily win this tourney :)

    And maybe the 99 hand was overplayed.
    You could easily check against that idiot limp/shoving opponent.I mean,if he has monster,he never folds...
    And he did last time with monster obv,when u had T8 and gutshot on the flop...
  • freakyphil


    Nice Video, as always (:
    Hope to see more of these MTT videos!
  • grubsi


    both vids are nice, very interesting spots to watch.
    Perhaps the 87s hand after the failed resteal and an early limper was worth a shove. The BB cant overcall with confidence, because he has to fear the limpers reshove, and there is than so much dead money in the pot that you will get the odds even against a hand like QQ.
  • sirilidion


    almost never get too final table. when things finally go well in a tourney I mostly seem to get unlucky around 30th place :(. nice video though still learned some things from it.
  • Slaker


    What is this software that you use? I mean statistic software and where i can find it? Can i use on Fulltilt or Pokerstars?

    Thank you
  • RacoonCity


    Your play pre final table was way better. Folding 99 shows that U have good discipline but foldin KQ and shoving with K7s ino two simingly situations was quiet weird! U R quiet loose with your raises from the CO with marginal hands on the other hand limping with AKs in the SB only facing the BB wasnt really justified unless U had a premium made hand or if u have a good read on your opponent knowing he will try to bluff u out of the hand if U limp!!Folding 87s shortstack just because there was a limper is not a reason to do so. In this case, the fold equity was less important here as U should be aiming to get more callers for the str8 and flush value of your hand! Congratulations on reaching the final table and for playing some solid poker!
  • Donaldc


    I think the hand that could have changed the tourny was your BB pocket 9s. I would have checked the flop, and if there was a raise I would have reraised all in to put the decision on AnirT7h who could not call with a weak pair of tens. When you raise fold it looks like a steal to the rest of the table and they are more likely to call or reraise future bets.
  • ashba89


    Nice video! Would love to see some of the early stages though. Since most of the late stages is push/fold.
  • stiansk


    Personaly I would've pushed the 87s. You said you didn't push it because you wouldn't have fold equity with that limper.

    You wouldn't have fold equity at all imo. Am I right?
  • deBrasil


    Hello, TribunCaesar!

    great mtt video! great 99 fold, easy saying, hard to do!

    great video again! Keep them coming!

    oh, thanks a lot!
    wish u big cashes!
  • stackwrecker


    Agree, real nice! Looking forward to see some of your rebuy action :).
  • kan00


    I would have pushed the 78s, but I have learned a lot from this video, thanks!
  • Anthonyhsp


    Great video. With what program did you record the tournament?