Professional Poker Attitude - How To Take Massive Action

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Schnitzelfisch begins a brand new series on focusing on Professional Poker Attitude. In this first video Primoz focuses on How To Take Massive Action


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  • LemOn36


    So I went to a club and was like "hey sexy, let's be each other's accountability partners sounds hot yeah?!" needless to say didn't work out and had to use my poker pal on Skype.
  • LemOn36


    Sounds good tho im using the morning routine from this monday to sunday:

    and my pal 6hr/day mon-sat and 6hr studying on Sunday.

    we talk hands daily so can check on each other after every day too but can't see this not working
  • moreanes1


    Oh, man, sounds exactly like me...
    I´ve been studying HUSNG´s for about 2 years (videos, books, end-game, nash equilibrium, math, equations, etc...), but the problem was that in the meantime, I wasn´t playing, because I felt like I wasn´t yet ready, you know,and I would say to myself: "I´m going to study a few more days and THEN I will start grinding!" But that never happened, and now I kind of have this fear of playing because I am afraid that I´m not good enough to win and because I´m afraid of finding out that those 2 years were just a waste of time, you know? It´s really pathetic, I know, but I really can´t get over it.
  • Sw33z


    moreanes , i had same problem as you ( and its not suddenly gone )
    but i feel taking a long break helped me to restructure & remotivate myself . I played with fear and was hating it so i decided to play without fear or not to play . this is about confidence in yourself . greetz
  • pLAYERsjsk


    thanks for cool video :)
  • pokerr4b3


    Who is the atti dude? :)
  • edik89


    moreans, its usually because while stuyding u have a positive thought like "wow i studied so much, i know lot".or something along this lines.this gives u a positive feeling.basically ur scared of losing this thought and the positive corresponding feeling(it's alot harder to believe that kind of thought if you don't win), so if u wanna get rid of the anxiety you have to disbelieve your previous thought(s).
  • edik89


    to disbelieve a thought u have to ask yourself a bunch of question, u can ask yourself : what are the facts and what is my interpretation about the facts? can somebody have a different interpretation/perspektive ? if so, how do i know that my perspective is right? can the opposite of thought be true? can i find some reason why the opposite is true?

    and don't judge yourself as bad or whatever, almost everybody has that kind of issue once in a lifetime.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #1 it can be applied in a couple of ways. I might go into more detail in one of the next vids.
  • moreanes1


    Thank you for your help guys, I appreciate it.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video! :)
  • bolsista


    Really nice video, Thanks for posting it!