Professional Poker Attidude - How To Worry Less

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Primoz "Schnitzelfisch" Bozic continues his Professional Poker Attitude series with a look at worrying less and taking responsibility


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  • Atalol


    Good video as always :)

    <3 Schnitzelfisch
  • Wobbler90


    These advices should highly
    increase the real life expected
    value for always worrying people
    like me.
  • roosavaris


    great talk
  • VSBGimli


    very good
  • Infiesta


    really good thanks!
  • BibiAhigh


    you convinced me now 100% to save money for a coaching sesion with you. congrats for this video also.
  • Laci24


    Really helpfull vid! Thank you! :)
  • Bonifacius


    It is recommended to change a job every 18-24 months. How can this be applied to the poker career?
  • Dit0Filho


    Nice content as always! Professional Mindset is the nuts!!