$2.50 180-Man Review

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Collin retruns with a review of a regular's play at the $2.50 180-man mtsngs on PokerStars with a view to navigating high value fields


MTSNG PokerStars User Session Review

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  • Zolotarsp


    Hey Collin great review as always!

    5:15, 77 hand - weird that you think regs would jam tight(meaning button 3bet shove); from my experience at micro msng's most players (myself included) would actually 3bet shove even wider than nash range. Can't really imagine me folding ATo or 44 being the button in that spot.

    Mainly it's because most players are quite unbalanced pre, and if average player in hero's seat had a strong hand like JJ or AQ - he'd very likely raised larger or even openjammed for 30bbs himself.
  • Zolotarsp


    Also, since variance has such a strong influence in theese and similar tourneys, what do you think about taking more conservative approach to spots like on 12:20 ? (you suggested calling off a shove with J8o BB vs SB for 9bbs).

    We have decent stack and in case we call and loose - we're left with ~15bbs which makes our game plan pretty straight forward and depending on hand and position only; in other words, our skill edge won't be as much an advantge anymore.

    Don't you think we're getting better results (in terms of lowering variance and dollar-wise overall) if we treat those marginal spots from more 'saving own chips' rather than 'taking advantage of slight +EV' point of view? Would be interest to hear your thoughts.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1/#2 Zolotarsp: Great, glad you enjoyed the video :)

    5:15 Interesting, you think most regs are shoving as wide as 44/ATo in that spot? That definitely surprises me, anyone else want to chime in on Villain's likely 3bet shove range in this spot?

    12:20 My style is to take almost any positive edge in turbo formats, but I do agree that if it's a very small edge and you're at a good table, that folding is reasonable.

    Thanks for your comments/feedback.
  • BubbleNedRum


    5:15 my shoving range would be 66+ AJs+ AQo+ KQs, adding some suited Ax, broadways and every pocket if the raiser has a high foldto3bet.

    the J8 hand should be a clear fold vs. 95% of the "regs" on the 2.50, I don't see them pushing Jx, T2s or 93s
  • Zolotarsp


    #3 CollinMoshman

    And thank you for valuable lessons :)

    I've actually played quite a lot of 120-400men turbos on different sites (likely not as much you have, but still), and from my experience - yes, most regs at micros tend to stack off light with <15bbs, which is exactly the case at 5:15.

    Actually, I've came up with this small tactics:

    Whenever I get short and there's still 3-4 levels before ITM - I'm looking for every opportunity to get more chips. Obv, that doesn't mean I call 3 all-ins with deuces, but in close spots I definitely prefer to take slight negative edge rather than sit 5-10 more minutes and be forced to play in even worse situation, like having to call a jam with Q2o or smth.

    However, it's very different when I'm on the bubble or ITM. I'm trying to minimize number of preflop all-ins in general. Like with J8o hand - we had about 20k, it's a decent enough stack to make it to a FT, and to me it doesn't make much sence to risk 40% of it unless I have significant +EV.

    Seems to save a lot of nerves for me, comparing to being busted on the very bubble, or struggling to find any +EV spot with my 5bbs, or loose to 24o :)

    And I believe, this strategy increases $/hr as well, since I don't spend much time on a tourney that doesn't go well anyway.

    What do you think? Is it stupid? :)
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    do u think in most games on average, high or low stakes, people do not diviate from nash that much and thats the reason u use nash as a default for pushing and calling pushes?
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 BubbleNedRum:

    Thanks for commenting on these ranges. That's interesting about the $2.50 180man regs shoving tighter in spots like the J8o hand.

    #5 Zolotarsp:

    Sure it's a fine approach, particularly with a spot like J8o that may not be profitable against our opponent's actual range. In general though, be careful with the line of thought that losing would hurt you, because of course winning will always help and it can be easy to start declining profitable calls because of focusing too much on the potential downside.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 JusTNo1RNMD: An increasing number of regs are familiar with the Nash ranges and actively try to play them, at least in certain spots.

    But at least as important to me, is that even against recreational players who haven't studied and don't care about equilibrium ranges, I still use Nash as a pivot point, and don't adjust unless I have a clear idea how they're adjusting. For example, if a 45/25 player openshoves in the small blind in a spot where the Nash shoving range is very wide, I'll call Nash because I don't have a clear idea if he's shoving wider or tighter than the Nash shoving range.
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    thanks very much, was real insightful
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 JusTNo1RNMD: Great, glad that helped.
  • thecuist


    Hi Colin
    I watch a lot of your videos and try my best to emulate your playing style so thanks for the time you put in. I had a question about the A6o hand at 6.50. I'm suprised you don't advocate a shove here. Is that based upon the fact that it is pre-antis so if my calcs are correct we need about 46% equity to be profitable. Also are you factoring in the possibility that the button raiser is aware that hero has a good 3-bet shove stack and will be looking for opportunities. if Villain is raising top 30% of hands then again if my calcs are correct we have almost exactly 46% according to pokerstove. If he's oblivious to stack dynamics and is raising upto 50% we could have as much as 51% equity here. I thought this would be an auto shove given our 7M stack.
    Thanks in advance for your response.