Pleno1 Live Coaching at 50NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Follow the action of a recent coaching as Pleno1 takes to the PokerStars 50NL tables


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Comments (23)

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  • Txusco11


    Min 30 up to the end. The image becames a kind of artistic.
    The time before was very good lucking. It´s a pity the trouble with the image.
  • RasTweet


    #1 Thanks! I'll report it.
  • Premiumnerd


    something weird is happening @ around 30:00. video blurres and doesn't work till the end
  • Premiumnerd


    ok too late :D
  • Johnis


    I have the same doomswitch on minute 30. Just hear Patrick's voice, but nothing is visible.
  • Zemnieks11


    plz fix it soon, plenno's videos ar nutz and finally below NL100...hope i can watch it tommrrow
  • Boomer2k10


    The Video has been reuploaded and fixed now
  • Johnis


    The blurred screen still prevails :)
  • Pechenushko


    перевод интересно будет на русский?
  • plague44


    its the same :x
  • TJtheTJ


    Looks fine to me guys!
  • Omarhawk


    Impressive performance
  • gammastrahler


    minute 3 ATs:
    makes sense to ship it against opponents who make raises with showdownvaluebly hands to see where they at.
    what would you do against an opponent who is more polarized?
    i thought a bit about it and if he is very polarized we should just c/c all streets?
  • Grossmeiseter


    You have QQ UTg.
    You just X/c on the flop!
    Is it to balance your X/f range or why is it?
    Please explain it a little bit an which range you would play this way.
    Is the turn X/f standard. Even agionst 2pair we have decent equity, i think!
  • Zemnieks11


    very good video, intresting agressive approach and a lot to learn from this video. good explenations and please pokerstartegy have pleno make more videos or atleast post more coaching recordings :) Will try to attend more coachings from pleno.
  • Qskaa


    minute 3 ATs: what do you do with AQ/KQ in this spot after facing a raise on the flop?
  • repoorTer


    waaa im so nitty :D
  • repoorTer


    threw me out from AK at ~53 min:D
  • wlcKeD


    There is a mistake in the video title ! It should be "Pleno1 Live Crushing at 50NL" ! :coolface:
  • Sh3yk


    Something is wrong with the audio. No sound at all.

    Anybody else with the same problem?
  • Jumbleboy


    great coaching session! thx!
  • martijnde666


    Where can i find the secrets of NL hes talking about in the vid?