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Collin Moshman returns with a quiz focusing on various aspecrs of postflop play


HH Review quiz

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  • Anarkii14


    very nice vid as always.

    the last hand I like your line and would play the same way and make crying call on the river. I think, if he had 8 or straight (or other nuts :) ) he bets himself to take some value from you and not to allow you only check back. But if he had it, than nh a gg :)
  • nopi


    great vid :)
  • cjuxx


    Hi Collin, love your video, as always.

    I would like to discuss 3 hands, where I find the river-value-bets are slightly overrated.

    KTo at min 06:30

    I prefer even a smaller than halfpot betsize, because I want the call and his calling range with weaker hands is pretty small, and if he checkraises us, we are in an awkward spot and beat only bluffs and the same hands that we have beat of his calling range. So in this case, I would prefer to fold and lose less chips, because as you said earlier in the hand we don't want to play for stacks.

    AKo at min 13:50

    Similar situation. Especially this type of player has most of the time nuttype hands on the river if they checkraise (my experience - do we really see that often bluffs and weak hands checkraising rivers?) so I would prefer a smaller betsize like 200 and keep a 30 BB stack to the checkraise with a fold - would not want to find a crying call in this spot.

    KJo (last hand)

    again it is the same question as in the AKo-hand, how to approach a raise on the river, therefore I would either bet smaller to conserve my stack and fold to the raise or even consider a check-back because of the flop-turn-line. We are, for sure, way ahead to his open-calling-range, but e. g. if he hits the flop hard with an 8 or 55, there is no need for him to bet the flop and then on the turn he wants value, and if we think, that the donkbet on the turn does not make any sense, wouldn' it be better to raise (maybe shove) the turn to deliver the awkwardness to our opponent?

    Overall my game-approach at this stage, when we have 30+ BB is more cautious because the most important decissions in STT's are made later in the game, from my perspective.

    Just my 2 c, looking forward to your next videos, cheers
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Anarkii14: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the vid and nice feedback on the last hand :)

    #2 Nopi: Thanks!

    #3 Cjuxx: Thanks very much for your comments/feedback and nice words.

    KTo: The thing about the sizing here is that after we check the turn, we're not representing much when we bet river. He also very likely has at least some showdown value after he checks back turn. So I think betting 75% of the pot, we will usually be called.

    AKo: I like your comment on the sizing ... in terms of calling it off, while I definitely agree that we're usually bad here, you still think it's a fold given the odds?

    KJo: The problem with shoving the turn is that I think we mainly just get action when he has better, and he folds worse. I do like your approach though of wanting a nice edge to play for stacks early, and agree that we can use that idea to guide our decisions. So that's a very good point :)
  • hedisaces


    Hi Collin, nice video as always! These type of videos I like the most because post flop play is very necessary for good poker players. Will you make more videos about post flop please?

    About last hand: I think this is tought but it is fold. Dont know which stakes it was but I think in that spot players dont bluff so much. If he had busted draw I expect to bet it but - tell me Collin if you were in his situation and want to stack of on the river with 8, what would you do? If you bet and your opponent has SD value he will call otherwise he will fold if he doesnt. But if you check/shove you will get pay off with that SD value most of the times. Thats my point of view :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Hedisaces: Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the video. It may be a little while before I make another postflop only themed video, but there will definitely be upcoming ones with plenty of postflop spots :)

    About your comment, I agree that river check/raise bluffs are fairly uncommon at most stakes. (That hand was from a $30 9man FWIW.) If most of my range for calling the turn is strong enough to vbet river, then check/shoving strong is definitely his best option -- very nice point there.
  • matulanfra


    Sup Collin, a little off topic question in 03:18 having 9k hands of this reg, how do u know how does he behave in the different stages of the SnG? I mean early,mid and high blinds, do u use any filter to differentiate them? Do you reccomend using that PT4 tool?
  • Drainus


    I think the last situation is pretty much a fold for 2 reasons.

    1. His preflop range isnt very wide and most of it is a few broadway hands and pocket pairs, which a lot of the time will give him a full house.

    2. Most of the hands that we check the flop with and call the turn with are going to be checked by us after the T hits the river. If he is a reg he probably knows that our A high or small pocket pairs will fold to a river bet after the ten hits and by check/raising he can get the most value, since we only bet jack hands and stronger (+its imo unlikely that we called the turn with a pure flush draw and we are bluffing with it now).

    this is how my intuition would work nd I would just fold here.
  • Drainus


    + the real problem in this hand is figuring out a preflop range imo, because I cant find a hand that a reg would play this way, so I assume its some broadway cards + pairs (possibly tens or jacks?)
  • cjuxx


    Hi again, Collin

    thanks for your comments

    # AKo

    well you are correct, that we have the right odds in this spot, but strategically I for myself would even consider a checkback, because in this early stage of the STT chips that we lose are much more valuable than those that we win, right? And the only reasonable hands that we have beat are weaker Aces, some pockets with wich he finds a call, so I do not see much value there.
  • holaboo


    Hi Colin,

    Very nice and informative video! Regarding the interesting KJ hand at the end I think if the villain is a good player he will also have noted your style of play and check shoving an 8 or a straight here is probably profitable enough.

    This is probably the most difficult decision out of all the hands you have shown in the video though and if I was in that situation I would go with a gut feeling and read on the player.

    When will you release the result of that hand by the way? I am very curious as to what he has!
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Matulanfra: I filter sometimes when I'm studying players in tracking software, but the stats I display while I play are unfiltered so that I don't lose information on players I have few hands with.

    #8/#9 Drainus: I definitely agree with most of what you're saying, only I think a decent part of my range does bet the river. In particular any JX hand I've opened pre and checked flop with, I'm calling turn and betting river once he checks.

    Thanks for your feedback on the hand, nice comments.
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Cjuxx: From a hand combo perspective, AX hands are probably the biggest part of his range. I try to exploit players like this by bluffing rarely and conversely value-betting wide. So to me vbetting this river is best, but I agree that quite possibly I could've folded facing the c/r :)

    #11 Holaboo: Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the vid. I ended up folding here. Ultimately what swayed me the most is how infrequently I see river c/r bluffs in 9mans. It's an exploitable fold and he may have been bluffing, but I think too often he's value-shoving trips to get me to pay off with top pair.
  • marcozodry


    Ty very much
  • CollinMoshman


    #14 Marcozodry: Very welcome!
  • pratikpop


    hello sir.ur videos are too good..and my game has improved a lot and i have managed to come in leaderboards 9man turbo 2 and under watching ur videos as in india there is no poker played at all..thanks a lot god bless u..but ome thing i am confused that if we use nash..ranges..and if our opponents are pushing tight and we call nash or vice versa then would that be a negative ev..
  • CollinMoshman


    #16 Pratikpop: Thanks, and congrats on the leaderboards -- that's awesome.

    I'm not sure how much Nash came up in this vid, but I'll answer your Q anyway :) To take the example of heads-up, if our opponent shoves tighter than Nash and we call Nash, even though we could do better by calling tighter, we still get the better of him through the increased walks. If you have more questions, please come to my next coaching this Wednesday and I'm happy to answer.
  • sunchyme1


    Another great vid msn! Like i said before your live plays are my favorite but these are great too. cheers!
  • CollinMoshman


    #18 Sunchyme1: Thanks, appreciate that!
  • chillipops


    Hi Collin and thanks for this video, on the last hand are we not too pot committed to fold?