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  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $500
  • Shorthanded
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Galvin "mbml" Bay fresh from his Supernova Elite run in 2013 brings us another live session of NL200 and NL500 Zoom on PokerStars trying to focus on the more advanced areas of his game


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Comments (14)

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  • schorlo


    8:10 you fold TT vs an UTG or in MP why?
  • mbml


    misclick :)
  • Justin37


    havent watch the video, but i am planning to achieve the same status in a few yrs... Now still building my BR so that can play higher limit...
  • Shevtshenko


    ~33:00 with JT on table #4

    what do you think his bluffing range looks like otr? What's his stack size preflop?

    ~36:15 with J8o bvsb, #3

    what stats are you looking for besides the "action vs sb raise"? So specifically interested on the second pop-up you looked at.

    I think this video would have been better if you had played only three 2/5 tables. You're timing out too much and clearly don't have enough time to talk about the hands. Maybe two tables of 2/5 and two 5/10 would also work, since 5/10 runs so much slower.

    Some interesting exploitative thoughts and not many mistakes, so good job!

    What does your orange marking mean? I think you said blue was strong reg?

    You look a bit tilted during this video :)I found this to be the most interesting video i've seen from you.
  • pKay


    sorry but agree with #4:

    I wanted to wach this video, but won't because:

    its ZOOM alrady, why 4 tables? 2 is imo more than enough when going into deeper details of pre and postflop play

    why spread the limits? I don't see the point tbh - that makes it only that much more complicated
  • pKay


    alright, I changed my mind and DID watch it ;)..

    Liked it even though I think my critique is still valid!

    I think spreading the limit would make more sense in case the difference between the limits would be part of the content of the video.

    Liked all your thoughts and play!

    Only question is:
    what is your 3b range from BB vs. BU minopen?

    I saw you 3bet J2o
    what are your thoughts, stats and criteria to construct your 3b range there?
  • mbml


    #6: polarized range for now, I might use some mixed strategy in the future after thinking about it.

    3-betting some weak 5X/JX/TX and 77+/KQ/AJ+
  • mbml


    33:00 - I think people tend to donk bluffs more often than they donk sets and the Ace felt like a good card to bluff.

    What range? I suppose the straight draws complete but he could have stuff like KQ/KJ/QJs IMO.
  • mbml


    For the other hand I was looking at Vs Hero stats. The sample wasn't large enough and I probably saw that he wasn't 3-betting me much so I made a loose open. Besides his overall stats look nitty at 24/18.

    Blue = Mediocre/Weak-tight Player
    Orange = Aggro Reg
    Red = Very Aggro Reg
  • Shevtshenko



    it's a 3bet pot? Do you think he bets A7 for value on river? JJ-KK? You also said that villain is c/folding a lot in 3b pots, does that still make you think he has all those KQ/KJ-combos in his range?
  • PhilHellmuth4321


    did you customize popups yourself or are they available for a download somewhere? Love your popups, very neat.
  • mbml


    #10: I probably got confused with the bet sizes and stakes, I guess it's a fold, he's coloured pink (nit). I don't 4-table like that usually, since I'll either 4-table 500, or 6/8 table 500/200.

    #11: Customized. You should do the same, don't steal other people's HUDs, have one that suits your tastes and preferences.
  • RandomGenerator


    2:57 first table. why do you bet the river? it looks to me like you just gonna fold out hands that you beat anyway. Isn't that the case?
  • gammastrahler


    mIn 0:40: food is getting prepared?