Live 20-Table Low Stakes 9-Man Turbo SNGs

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Collin Moshman plays live on PokerStars showing off a 20-tabling session at low stakes 9-man SNGs


Live Video mutli tabling PokerStars turbo

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  • pratikpop


    thanks a lot think am confused about ur call with pocket 7 against a shove from tighter looking stats player
  • dubas77


    @pratikpop: you mean the bottom left table @15:45?

    well there is a ton of dead money, 750 chips, the guy shoving from the BU looks like a reg from his stats so he should shove a lot wider because of the huge overlay.

    and because of the same reasons, huge overlay + a bounty, its a snap call with 77.

    (i paused the vdeo before collins decision but im pretty sure his reasoning will be the same)
  • pratikpop


    thanks a lot dubas..highly appreciated
  • dubas77


    great video mosh. 5 stars.

    i have quite a few questions this time.

    first, these 3 hands. all of them involved a limper.

    @16:25 TL JTo :: @19:35 TR K9s :: @20:48 BL K5s

    how does a limper influence our shoving range? should we shove wider or tighter? as i see it, limper is usually a fishy player with a wide range that would very often fold when we shove. so we should shove wider. but in all of these 3 examples you folded (JTo and K9s would be pretty clear nash shoves without the limper, K5s is close but still +EV nash shove). i would shove all of these hands especially because of the limper. i want to know if thas is a bad/loose play. in general, how should we play with short effective stack (<10BB) where there is one or more limpers?

    @20:02 TR 94s
    3 handed, KO, BU shoved for last <2BBs. i would often flat hoping the BB would just flat as well and than check it down and go 2 vs 1. if not, easy fold.
    imagine that you would be in the BB and SB just flat called. how often would you raised him?

    @22:00 TL A8o
    this looked like a call to me, i checked it and it was a nash call. SB looked like he is capable of shoving ATC there. but yeah, pretty close.
    @25:38 TL QTo
    same here. vs a reg capable of shoving ATC, QTo is a nash call.

    @28:10 TL J9o
    i would shove this, its within nash too.

    @28:45 TR T7o
    with the BB sitting out i would also shove this. close but the dead BB in the middle is just too tempting

    @29:16 TL K3o
    i think you missed a clear shove here.

    @29:52 BR Q6o
    here we have 4BB adjusted. this is wider than a nash shove and i agree with it, SB and BB seemed pretty tight. in general, how much wider then nash are you pushing in spots like this,

    @34:25 TR T3o
    this looks little too wide to me since the short stack with reg like stats is in the BB.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1/#3 Praktikpop: Yes I agree with Dubab's nice explanation there. Thanks for your comments.

    #4 Dubas: Thanks, appreciate that. Let me do my best to answer a few of these Qs :)

    Shoving over limpers: It depends a lot. A lot of limpers calls very wide, and against these players semi-bluffing hands go down a lot in value. For example, if a 95/5 player limps, I usually wouldn't shove 65s on the button for 6bb even though I would've openshoved it. I'm also tightening a lot compared to my openshoving range when, for example, a player limps UTG and I'm small blind. It's very rare I'd shove something like top 70 in SB over a limper even though I would've shoved that wide if he'd folded.

    For the specific hands you give, JTo and K5s I'd normally fold as the limper was UTG in JT hand and K5s has pretty marginal equity vs limper's limp/call range. But I agree that the K9s was a definite shove that I missed.
  • CollinMoshman


    94s: Flatting is definitely reasonable. If I'm BB and SB flats there, I'd 3bet to iso very wide, but probably that player would've just flatted most of his range.

    A8o: Yes you're right, bottom of Nash calling range, and we don't know enough about him to fold.

    K3o: I'm surprised that's a Nash ATC shove tbh, with the stats I had on big blind I'd probably prefer MRing.

    QTo: Agree there also.

    J9o: I have it at +.01, so sure :)

    Q6o: Usually willing to take about a -.25 or so spot.

    T3o: Agree, slightly wide.

    Thanks for your feedback and pointing out all the spots, pretty thorough viewing of the vid!
  • DrPepper


    22:00 TL: A8o is close but I tend to call here. It would be my worst Ace for calling and I definitely would never ever fold A9o in that spot. Most regs should push any2 here and some even get funky with their really strong hands and limp or minraise them. So most of the time we can at least exclude a few of their monsters from their range which makes the hand a very clear call in my opinion.

    24:34 BR: JTo utg for 6.5 bb should be a push I think. You snap fold that which I find rather weird as this looks at the very least really close to me. What would you push here?

    24:37 BR: That KTs fold looks pretty nitty to me. I definitely prefer shoving (I'm pretty sure it's in the nash range) or even minraising with the plan to fold to a reshove from the bigstack. I don't think a minraise looks weak to any of the remaining players and they might even fold more than they would to a push.
  • DrPepper


    PS: I love your "chatting strategy" you talk about in the evry end. You should make a video about that and show some spots where your chat moves influence your opponents calling ranges^^
  • CollinMoshman


    #7/#8 DrPepper:

    A8o: Agreed, I should've called, and yes his range might be capped, good point.

    JTo: I'd normally shove down to about JTs/QJo here, but my fold was a bit quick for sure.

    KTs: Yup agreed, with that lineup of players behind me MRing would've definitely been the right play.

    Glad you like the chatting strategy, I've got a few more ideas on that too that Katie gave me :) Thanks for your comments/feedback on the video, appreciated as always.
  • jablonskis


    i've spotted some 2.5x raising from sb with 100/200 blinds. is that your standart raise or there's any other reasong you not doing it just 2x. thank you.
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Jablonskis: My openraise sizing in the small blind depends on effective stack and opponent type, usually I'll open between 2-2.25x if I'm not shove/folding. Occasionally though I'll go up to 2.5x against certain opponent types when the effective stack is very deep for 100-200.
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    hi Collin,

    unrelated question, some think that u wouldnt give everything away in your vids, so basically like there is something u wont teach in your vids, some things that gonna make u a lot of money and u wont teach them coz these things are just too profitable and there is no reason to give them away. what u say to that?
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 JusTNo1RNMD: After seeing this comment, I wish that I did have some ultra super-secret strategy :) But you can take my word that I put everything I know about beating the games into my vids and coachings. There is nothing that I find useful for winning that is not in the content I make for Pokerstrategy.
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    Thats Collin we all love and respect. Thanks for clarifying.
    Who are your top 3 STT players on stars now (besides yourself of coz)? For different stakes if thats possible
  • pratikpop


    I have seen collin play live quite a few times when he is not creating a vid and his play is similar as uall see in the video.. Collin i only use to raise top 10 percent hands from button and small blind . .but now i have started raising and loosing up..and its showing good profit..moreover how important is to steal blinds when blinds are 15 30 or 25 50?
  • pratikpop


    And how important is to raise limpers when the blinds are low and when the blinds are high..and how to do that effectively
  • DrHome


    Hi Collin! Nice video as always. Is it possible that you will upload somewhere hand history from this session? It would be great if we could analyse those hands in P4 or HM.
  • mechelseame


    grind them mosh
  • Jumbleboy


    great video!

    23:40 why fold with QTo vs SB open shove?
    we're staying pretty good there
    MP2 42.71% 41.37% 1.34% random
    MP3 57.29% 55.95% 1.34% QTo
  • AbelBraga


    I dont speak English, but was a nice video! Good Job! :)