Bluffcatching On The River

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Oblioo returns with a theory video on River Bluffcatching followed by a review of several hands submitted by members


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  • wealthybrainer


    I like it. Definetly would like more this type of video as this. Could be not only on the river bluffcatching but on the turn as well like it was on one of the hands examples when you discussed turn bluffcaching.
  • arsenalua


    Great vid! Clear explanation of very important concepts. Looking forward for more!
  • Shakaflaka


    Good video, thanks! I would be nice to do the same kind of thing but when we are bluffcatching on earlier streets and when the equity is not 100% polarized, as on the river.
    For example, you could talk about when it makes sense to make exploitative folds, when it makes sense to keep our opponent's range wide, when it makes sense to protect our hand, etc, etc. It's a harder topic, but I think it would be interesting for many players.

    Good video: good format and good duration!
  • oblioo


    Thanks for the feedback you guys. In response to the suggestions, the term "bluffcatcher" doesn't really work well on earlier streets, due to multiple reasons including the facts that: we can turn our hand into a bluff later, equities change, many future actions are possible, betting ranges are less polarized, etc. Basically, reasons for calling/raising are much more complex on earlier streets. That said, I will consider making a video on "facing a flop bet" or "facing a turn bet", though like you mentioned Shakaflaka, it's a much harder topic especially since there's a lot more room for creativity.
  • bubka8200


    Very nice vid ! Like it!
  • schnukki007


    "I like it. Definetly would like more this type of video as this." #
  • olivereats


    I Like bluff videos. alwais good to catch one