The Evolution of Poker - Further Range Construction

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W34z3l and his Evolution of Poker Series return delving deeper into the realm of Range Construction. Remember to keep up with this excellent series on modern No Limit Holdem


postflop range construction series The Evolution of Poker Theory Video

Comments (9)

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  • OtterKing


    Excellent once again. I love this series
  • rmotoki


    Brilliant as usual!
  • w34z3l


    Thanks guys =)
  • lexa1562


    Great series! Autor straight fine! but profile musician ... Mathematics musician )
  • Umpilumpi


    @ min 38: I think villains turn defending range is incorrect and should be 61,7%. This would lead to a calldown-range of 15,7% not accounting for freerolls.
  • zgq123


    at the T44 board, if the preflop raiser only bet TT+ on the flop, what should we adjist.

    I mean the preflop raiser do not cbet 100% on the flop.

    What should we adjust by his cbet range.

    You do not say that, you only say the bet size.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video! :)
  • ConteCaly


    graet video... ty for the series
  • kloe888


    Great video !!!
    Can I use those concepts and ranges in Full Ring, CO-BU-SB-BB (NL2-NL25) ?