Evolution of Poker - Balanced Aggression

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W34z3l continues his Evolution of Poker series. In previous episodes he has covered defending yourself in a balanced way. Now he's looking to go on the attack


balance GTO series The Evolution of Poker Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video in w34z3l's Evolution of Poker series

    If you have any questions or comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Whysoseriouz


    Awesome series w34z3l!! do you have a teaching degree? honestly, the way you present, structure and explain things is freakin music to my ears and my learning process. Practically none of the concepts are new to me, but i don't think i ever understood them better than after your presentations. much appreciated!
  • Shakaflaka


    Nice vid!

    We mainly talked about betting ip when the aggressor checks tu us, but I have a question regarding situations when we are the aggressors.

    I'm currently working on my ranges in this situations and I usually take into account the preflop odds.

    For example, I open to 3bb from MP and the BU flats. He had 40% pod odds for a call, so in general, we shouldn't be giving up more than 40% of our range on the flop, should we? If we do, he could float with anytwo cards preflop.

    So, when constructing my ranges, I start out by removing my worse 30% of hands, more or less, and then I construct my betting, check/call and check/raising ranges using more or less the ratios we studied in the video. Obviously, in some flop textures we will need to give up more hands and on some others less, but do you think that is a good way of constructing ranges OOP as PFR?

    Thanks for your videos!
  • Umpilumpi


    If you plan on giving up let's say 40% of your flop range by check/folding it, you need a 60% check/defend range to deny villains 2/3pot "bet vs missed cbet" autoprofit. That means you would have no betting range left.
  • Shakaflaka


    #4 Even if betting with anytwo cards is Ev+ for your opponent once you check, that doesn't mean he is exploiting you, since he invested money prelfop to reach that Ev+ situation.

    So if he has 40% pot odds preflop, and I give up let's say 30% of my range on the flop, he can't call me with anytwo cards preflop.
  • vvgeorge


    great video weezer
  • kdegreve


    It all depends on the opp, since he checks to us he's probably not some agro maniac. Unless his slow play stats are through the roof, bet!
  • ConteCaly


    beutiful video...