Pleno1 Live at 200NL Zoom

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  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Pleno1 is back with a live 200NL Zoom Session on PokerStars. Join in the action with one of's top coaches.


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  • pleno1


    Hallo all.

    I think the audio quality is about 7-10, will try to make it 10-10 for the next video. We have the stupid guys outside rebuilding our road for no reason, it was perfectly fine.

    Anyway, I think the sound is not perfect, but 100% listenable.

    GL all and have a nice weekend.

    I just started a new blog here btw.
  • cybstr


    Hey, didnt like the 3bet/4bet sizing in a lot of situations, especially vs short stacks. For example

    14:30 Left Table.. dont see the Reason to make it 22 here vs a shortstack who is open raising the sb 7$
  • pleno1


    3/ hey I don't need to look back because I know I would only do it in v specific spots and this was v opponent specific who folds alot more to particular sizing. I think I mention that in the video. Generally I go 6->16 in position, 6->20 oop and vs shorter stack 6->15 and 6->17/18 oop.
  • hbacila


    you play very well
  • pleno1


    5- Thank you very much.
  • brissbane


  • pleno1


  • quantummagic


    Hey pleno1. Learned alot from your "ask me any 6max question" thread....thx for that. Really unique in the pokerworld....i read and watch alot.
    One question regarding your hud if I may.

    Is that REALLY your HUD?
    Why would you label your own hud?
    In that thread you said you have color coding for passiv/aggresive/maniac....but here you have fixed colors?

    Really would love some insight...cheers
  • jessennn


    I don t like your deck hard to see the flush
  • x3mwisp


    Pleno - Right now you are very in the zone. Seriously I can see this even by your new hud. It's very logical for zoom and you can easily go through it. And it's very accurate in the sense of needed stats for decisions. Also very intersting whether since you use this hud - your vpip/pfr went down or is it because of your 8tabling...
  • x3mwisp


    Also being in the grind zone will have huge impact on your game! Try not to get burned out...
  • pleno1


    9- Yeah I like to label HUD. SO often I coach people and they are like errr yer this stat is errrr, I 8 table zoom so having the labels helps me enormously.

    Thanks for the nice words and glad you are learning
  • pleno1


    10- Heh, really? I prefer this deck to all
  • pleno1


    11- Yeah buddy. Thanks for nice words, I changed my game a little bit and more tables so decrease in VPIP but way prefer it now
  • pleno1


    12- Yeah trying to take as many breaks as possible, but its hard sometimes
  • Blondi002


    there is a god among us
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, pleno!
    Awesome video and here are few questions from Russian community:

    Left table, 06:08. If you had 87 89 А3 А2, I think you would bet it on turn, but would you bet on river after villain's call? Are those hands good for two street bluff in your opinion? I think they have chance to improve and also they are well-balanced with my value bets, so I would bet 2 streets with them almost always. Just to make my opponents uncofortable to play against me and to force them to pay off my value bets more often. What do you think about it? Would you bluff twice on villain's check and bet river after his call?

    Left table. 11:05. When we 3-bet in this spot and he calls, don't you think his range is weighted towards some weak 9x hands, FDs or gutshots. And doesn't it make sense then to keep pressuring his weakish range?

    Right table, 29:00. Why his overbet is bad? You said that by overbetting he's making us fold same range as with bet/bet/push line. But if you count it all, bet/bet/push is more expensive than bet/overbet. So folding out same range he's saving some money with this line.
  • CraZyNeX


    could anyone give me the link to the "ask me any 6max question" thread which was mentioned in #9?
  • yYPiranhaYy


    Awesome Liveplay with good insights. You really are making NL200 look so easy...but its obviously not.