$8R 2x Turbo MTT Deep Run Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $6.50 - $11
  • Fullring
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Collin Moshman reviews the play of a winning reg in a deep run in a $8R 2x Turbo MTT


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Comments (12)

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  • robahh


    it crashes after 7 mins, file not found
  • timobub


    works here
  • Zolotarsp


    That "hero's style" you were reffering to all the time... Isn't it just fishie-gambling-spewy style? We saw that he definitely DID NOT use his stack to accumulate chips at FT, he just continued his weird wide preflop-allins strategy and got extremely lucky.

    Is he really a winning regular? I mean no offense, but i don't see how this kind of play can make money even at theese stakes.
  • Stavrovskiy


    very winning as Colling said
  • kashmiruzi


    hero epitomises a bingo player. #stateofthegamestoday.
  • whiteobama


    risk/reward ratio for what specific spots?
    i can see that we have less then 5x whats out there. but what are the other variables we have to consider to prove shoving AQs there is the max ev move?
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Robahh: Sorry to hear you're experiencing that problem, does it work for you now?

    #3 Zoloarsp: Thanks for your comments.

    I realize that the only way to prove he's winning is to provide his screenname, but I've agreed to keep it confidential. Please take my word though that his Sharkscope is unblocked and he is a very winning player.

    I do agree that several of the shoves, iso's, and calls are too loose. But I think that it's a valuable style to be exposed to as many regs tend to go in the opposite direction. And I also think that he does put his stack to good use in many late-game spots ... did you have specific spots in mind where you thought he should have been more aggro and taken advantage of his stack?

    Again though, I definitely agree that several of the plays made are too loose.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Kashmiruzi: Don't knock bingo! :)

    #6 Whiteobama: The "5x what's out there" is just a guideline, in general we always want to consider the EV of a 3bet shove, with the variables of opponent raise/call range, our equity against that calling range, remaining player coldcall ranges, any ICM effects, etc. HER calc and ICMizer are both good software tools for this.
  • volian


    Great video!
    17:28 Would you call with KQs if you had simmilar stacks, or you call only when you have more chips.
    If not, what kind of hands would you call with if you had simmilar stack?
  • thetrader789


    Thank you mate for your analyse !
    I'm completely agree, nice play from Hero...I just will avoid all shove spot OOP at 10:48 with a6o (we both agreed) against a lot of opponents behind us with larger stakes.. same at 24:42 with the A8o ... Question: did you call the shove with the same hand at the BB ?
    27:12 I loved your analyse.. the shove from UTG with AJo...I do think that hero got some read concerning this player ...tough spot if you have only 10 second to react...;)
    Thank you again for all the thing you teach us.
  • morrison18


    nice video!
  • LordJogo


    Great video. I like if people play even the boarder line spots. To call with KK is easy but to gain +EV in tough spots with A4o in 31:30 is great poker.
    Thank you.