Narrow Spots with Uri Peleg

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $400
  • Shorthanded
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Uri Peleg is back with a look at some hands sent to him by his students focusing on some of the more narrow spots you can find in No-Limit Holdem


Equilab hand history review Theory Video

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  • brygydame


    slow video
  • LemOn36


    omg uri peleg vid I like :)
    Could you maybe next time use equilab to show villains range and our range too and narrow both down as the hand progresses > (can be pre-made and saved through user defined ranges on the right)
  • mmanton


  • double2


    Very good video format. To do again in the future for sure.
  • schnukki007


    do it one more time
  • mataremata


    Nice video!

    uripeleg = nuts
  • Kony76


    Great video, I like this format.
  • elpsycho


    21:30 KK, if our opponent have bet 2/3 or 3/4 would it be a fold?
    I can see that by the river we have almost no Ax hands and no sets. Our range looks like some second pair and an aggressive player can put pressure on us. Should we use that info as an incentive to call, our it would be overthinking and folding river is better?
  • sirrybob


    There are three types of ways you can approach this (if villain is a reg):
    1. Try to get into villain's head. Does he think I'm weak and will therefore bluff? So here we try to think about his range and how likely he is to keep bluffing and decide based on that. In this case the main problem is that given positions he just doesn't have a lot of air in his range, so that would lead me to want to fold.
    2. Look at your range and try to play "unexploitable". Here we concede that we have no idea what villain is doing, so we just call top x% of our range that beats a bluff, based on villain's betsizing. In this case there is a decent chance KK is a river call.
    3. We feel it's close so it probably is, so we just call for information because then we get a solid read on villain's ranges and thought process and we can use that to our advantage in the future. AKA note-ev :)

    I usually go with 3, but barring that I prefer option 1 to option 2 unless you are playing vs someone who is very good.
  • javieralberto


    I enjoy watching your videos Uri n1!