Setting and reaching goals

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In this series you will learn how to set up S.M.A.R.T goals from your vision and how to reach them.


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  • Liliya


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the video from lesson Setting and reaching goals: From a vision to concrete goals

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  • Laci24


    Cool video!! :D :)
  • ConteCaly


    good video... thanks
  • miomek


    Very informative video. Thank you.
  • DarkLuxor


    Simple and clear. Ship it! :)
  • whiteace


    good and smart advice's
  • Honda70


    yup,very smart


    my vision:)... thanks for video...
  • mikilool


    great video
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Really good, I watched a lot of videos of the video section but I realized I was only watching strategy videos but that I had hardly even touched the psychology section here! Wonderful video, also for application outside of poker.
  • ma6inata100


    good one, and can help a lot of people
  • jmm88


    Great Video, its difficult to setting goals and be focus in what you have to do to reaching your vision. I founded myself changing of games without focus in one specific, to the point i can understand how to play it well.
  • JinxedLT


    Good start