400NL Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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oblioo reviews one of his recent sessions at midstakes focusing on some hands where he played in a way which may be deemed non-standard


HH Review Session Review

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  • barisic


    slow volume or my pc is bad
  • stylus20


    rangewise your raise on the turn with KJhh(@28:36) doesn't make that much sense, right? on this texture and the given stacksizes there's only (semi-) bluffs that would raise that turn, since you said that you assume most people would fold AK in that spot vs a raise (i have my doubts about that when you make that play on stars ;)). if called you would give up on all rivers that don't give you the straight?
  • oblioo


    #2: This play, along with most in the video, are exploitative plays. That said, I do think it is reasonable to construct a balanced range on this turn, which can include straights and sets for value, and hands like KJs as a bluff. If called, I am probably giving up on most rivers, although it would be tempting to shove given villain's 65% fold to river bet ;)
  • zippoarg


    Hey, very nice video.

    On the first 64s hand, dont you think it's better to raise the river rather than call given the range that you gave him? opponent is a fish and fish are likely to bet the river with random hands for not reason, by calling you might get owned by 7x 8x or weak kings while you're folding out almost all of those by raising
  • oblioo


    #4: tbh that didn't occur to me but that's a good point and you're probably right, though I don't expect villain to fold Kx.
  • pKay


    KJhh turnraise:
    I like it and often do similar things..
    I would usually choose wetter (is that a word?) boards where raising with nutish hands makes more 'sense' (protection wise)

    Given the reads, the board texture and everything what do you think of flat turn and bluff raise/bluffoverbetshove river?
    Liked the video a lot!
    Disagree with J9o 4b so small and in general bc: 'ranges' and frequency and bc I would min5b the hell out of you xD
    I think there are way better hands to 4b with
  • oblioo


    #6: would you mind including approximate time stamps so I can more easily refer to the hands you're talking about?