Evolution of Poker - Mindset

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W34z3l concludes his Evolution of Poker series with a look at Mindset and how this seemingly simple concept can be even more important than technical ability.


Evolution of Poker psychology series

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  • w34z3l


  • Rakor88


    it appears only 6:09 of the video is here...
  • seranpoker


  • w34z3l


    sorry guys hopefully fixed soon
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys

    This is an IT issue as it appears some of the video hasn't made it from where it's stored

    In our previewer it looks 100% fine and we can see the later parts of the video but something wierd has happened when it's been pulled through, we will log a ticket
  • Coreprime


    excellent video
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    @6 so, you were able to watch whole video??
  • darkonebg


    Hey guys,

    Currently the 720p version is broken - but you can still watch the full video by changing the resolution (from the "HD" button) to 1080p or 360p.

    Enjoy the video!
  • w3cRaY


    rly excellent content.
  • contadocenas


    How long is the video? It says it has aroun 50min but when i open the video it just has 6 min.
  • Khasdo


    Very good video. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Am totally the target of your video, this will help me for sure.

    Actually, i'll say this kind of analyses is not only for poker, it's for everything.
    For example, i used to be an excellent tennis table player. Technic ++ but i was able to lose against bad opponents, just because of bad mindset.
  • alexpier


    way I see only 06:09sec ?
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    @12 try to change the resolution
    @ w34z3l: how often i recognized myself in your examples... this vid is priceless!! thx for it
  • HkFui


    You, sir, are decent!
  • ConteCaly


    ty NijeVaznoKoSam...
  • ConteCaly


    really one of the best video that i've ever see about mental tips, issue ad also how its can start, how to understand that, and also how to try to resolve its...

    i've no word to thank you for this work...

    best regards
  • C1zk0


    very good video, thank you sir! :)
    best regards
  • crawlback


    Huge fan of this video ! very helpfull , a lot to think about after watching it :)