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ICM is one of the most important concepts for an aspiring SNG player and in this video Collin goes through several hand examples while applying ICM to them and quizzing you, the audience


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  • thetrader789


    Hi mate, great vid as usual...
    31:33 The last hand is a really tough spot at the bubble...as you said we have to think what kind of range this guy might have... I saw him on a set in 6.9% of the case or a over pair or a back door flush draw (44%)
    On equilab if we let the back door flush draw, we still have a EQ of 57% against a calling range of 10,7 %
    So it would be a call VS back door flush draw...for the rest vs over pair or set we quietly draw dead...that's poker !! :)
  • Semaan


    Hey coach! Thx for your awesome videos.
    I don't think so he has an over pair in the last spot. He can has
    TT-99 but i don't think so, he only calls on BB. His effective range could be KJs+, Q9s+, J8s+, T9s, KJo+, Q9o+, J8o+, T9o. So we are 30% vs 70%, so for me it's a fold.
  • madein1984


    07:50 I agree that he will call much wider, espacially because he can discount JJ+ from your range when you openshove.
    12:40 would you call JT here? Or 98s? Absolutely agree with you, that his range is mainly Tx, QJ, J9 and 97.
    lol, saw the result now
    16:05 actually I like the idea of calling his min3bet. We might even do this with nuts as well. Calling and then check/shoving most flops should be more profitable than shoving directly, because we get extra chips from his cbet, or do you think he checks back the flop ever?
    26:05 actually the shorty steals Equity from the antes, so SB should be tighter. HRC suggests he tightens up 11%, which I think is quite a lot. This is something many regs are uncapable of adjusting to, at least that's my impression.
    31:00 superugly spot, but as played I make a close call. In game I'd play it probably exactly the same way. Thinking about it, I'd cbet larger and call it off, about 700-750
  • madein1984


    Best vid by you that I can remember, very much useful information in a short period of time. Definitely thumbs up, I like this format a lot more than live 12-tabling for example.
  • madein1984


    last hand kinda tough to put him on a range, but with his stats he might do this with an aweful lot of hands. I put everything he possibly could have into equilab:

    we have 43%, should be a call then, right? cbet 800 and you get almost 2:1 :)
    @seeman I think you missed some hands that are definitely in his range, like AT, KT, (JJ), Q8. He does flat them, and doesn't want to check/call and give up any turn, so he check/shoves. maybe not all combos, but at least some of them have to be included
  • Semaan


    :D Thx for your comment madein1984, i'm a beginner poker player.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Thetrader789: Thanks for the comments! I'll address the last hand in a separate post, really glad you enjoyed the video.

    #2/#6 Semaan: Thanks :) And nice comment on the last hand.
  • CollinMoshman


    #3/#4 Madein1984: Thanks, I'm definitely going to continue with the live play vids too, but will try to do at least one of this format each month. Glad you liked it.

    12:40: I would call the TX hands in my opening range T9s/JT+, and fold worse. Was definitely surprised to see him donkshove AX.

    16:05 Calling is an interesting option, but I thought that a large part of his range was hands strong enough to induce. Do you think he's 3betting light here often?

    26:05 Nice comments there, definitely agree.
  • madein1984


    16:05 I think this depends a lot on the skill level of wackyradish. I think many very solid MTT regs are capable of bluff3betting here, while most 180 grinders will never ever bluff and probably have KK+. This might be an anytwo spot for him if you fold AQ, investing less than potsize and knowing that noone with less than QQ+ will shove behind him, and having the odds to call a 4betshove vs 3 guys still with most hands. What's your opening range here? 77+, AJs+, AQo+? If you fold everything except JJ+, AKo you fold 44/84 combos. In this case its about break even for him (taking into consideration that someone might wake up with a monster behind him) even if he openfolds any flop.
    I do think that vs many regs this fold is the best play, but it is (very) exploitable.
  • Beatlemanic


    Hi, Beatle_cz here :)
    One point about 4:30 spot: I agree you must call very tight - I did calculation which trying to consider impact of future bounties (if you call and lose, you lose your ability to collect bounties from shortstacks in future, if you win, this ability will increase, but this difference is usually smaller then in case you lose - the marginal utility of chips [to collect bounty] is decreasing). ---> So the total bounty factor (considering this future bounties + present bounty from me) in this spot is +0.84 diff imo (we can call hands which have -0.84 EV or better), so I would call only 99+ AQ+ against myself :-)
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Madein1984: I really like all components of your analysis, and the conclusion that it's very player dependent.

    The only thing I didn't fully understand was why it would be very exploitable for me to allow him to show a small immediate chip profit, since as you point out that also doesn't account yet for the possibility of another player 4betting him. Could you elaborate slightly more on this?

    #10 Beatlemanic: Thanks very much for your comments. In previous bounty videos, I've also gotten comments about not accounting for the ability to collect future bounties. But I'm still not sure of an accurate way to do this calculation. Here for example, if I fold to you and you take another pot after, you'll have the chip lead forcing me to tighten up quite a bit. Whereas if I bust you, I'll be able to open extremely wide on the bubble with the 4 remaining players, and have a good shot at getting each of the 4 remaining bounties. How do you account for the future game assumptions?
  • CollinMoshman


    For those interested in the bounty discussion, Beatlemanic has kindly agreed to come on my coaching on Wednesday March 12 to go through a bounty SNG and discuss his approach to these games :)
  • ghaleon


    11:00 Q9o: Well seeing him call hand like AJ would not have surprised me, but even A8s...Open shoving would probably also be very marginal with such deep stacks. Maybe best option overall if assuming SB to shove wide over minraise would be open limping as open folding would feel bit weak also.

    12:40 KK: I am snap calling versus player who looks ok from stats. Most likely hand is QJ, J9s. Tx would make little sense. This would be much trickier spot versus recreational player. Hah well stats can be deceiving when he shows up with hand like that. Just awful line to flat hand like that preflop.

    30:00 JTs: Versus him I would fold as imo he is not that good reg and tend to be on somewhat tight range in these spots.

    Last hand: I would either cbet-call or check behind. Hand is simply too strong to cbet-fold without good reads of villain being passive with such stack depth.

    As extra point one should always check what hand villain is showing up when hand goes to showdown. It will give lot of value If hand is not in range we are estimating.
  • CollinMoshman


    #13 Ghaleon:

    Q9o: I agree, this is a good spot to openlimp. And for sure r/f > r/c.

    KK: Yes hands like QJ/J9s would definitely make the most sense, I was pretty surprised to see AX!

    JTs: Close spot, but if I call I also have the CL just before the bubble. So it would really come down to how strong our read is on this specific player.

    Showdowns: Sure good point, I'll start showing more of these.
  • CollinMoshman


    And regarding the last hand. In-game I bet/folded, which was a mistake and I think can only be our best option against a very passive player.

    Like Madein1984 points out, my cbet sizing is a large part of what turns this hand into a difficult decision. And as Ghaleon points out, we should check back instead of betting if our plan is to b/f.

    Against this player, I would rate our options at the flop: Cbet a larger amount and call the check/shove > Check back and then bet/call blank turns > Bet/fold flop.