100NL Member Review - Zlatko

  • NL BSS
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  • $50 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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Serverm07 returns to video production at PokerStrategy.com with a member review of Zlatko at 50-100NL at ipoker


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  • Stavrous


    If KTo is the bottom of our CO steal range then what is 64s? Bottom of the bottom?)))
  • GrimTheCat


    we shouldnt or 64s.
  • serverm07


    Hi guys,

    When I was referring to KTo being the bottom of our range, I meant if we open to 3x that is the worst Kxo combo we should open so therefore against a tight 3betting range especially from co we should fold it.

    About the 46s, preflop is far from solved so nobody knows for sure, but typically when we pick hands preflop we want playability and equity postflop. When we do come up with cbet bluffing hands, we typically want an overcard with some backdoor stuff, so that's why I strongly favor opening all of Kxs and most of Qxs and we also don't have to worry about running into a bigger flush too often.

    However at 100nl I think most players don't defend their button enough and I also don't think players defend the blinds enough. How many 100nl players would call something like Q7s, K5s, which are pretty easy defends, or even T9o? My guess is not very many so the value of 46s to me comes from just stealing alone at 100nl. So yea once called I will typically be giving up otf and plan on making some delayed bluffs if possible or if I flop really good equity.

    Feel free to ask more questions.
  • Vice1


    Are you chewing gum or something? :P
  • DuckMySuck


    solid video.
    my probably biggest problem was to keep concentration, I guess its becouse of your kinda monotone voice (you were probably just tired?)..
  • serverm07


    @4 no I wasn't.

    @5 Yea I apologize for that. I guess I was trying to talk clear but instead it came out really boring and monotone. To be perfectly honest, I did get a little bit "bored" while making this mostly because I thought Z played pretty well in most spots and we went over some spots I disagreed with him after and I think the one I felt pretty strongly about was the AK, I thought that was a pretty solid spot to bluff river and as we saw in the vid the villain had roughly what I expected and would have been a tough call for him that I don't think he would have made.